Three Reasons you Should Resort to Pure Clay Cookware Sets

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Ritambhara tells us three benefits of using clay cookware sets instead of all sorts of cookware that are made up of metals and Teflon coatings on them to the ones made of food-grade plastic. Read more in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Using pots or other utensils made of clay for cooking and storage purposes is no new idea. Pure clay pots have been used by our ancestors for years before they were replaced by the metal ones made of gold, silver or iron and their alloys. These earthen pots have been found scientifically to be the perfect material for making cookware sets as pure clay is inert. With having experimented with all sorts of cookware from those made up of metals and Teflon coatings on them to the ones made of food-grade plastic. It is time now to resort to a healthier option of cookware that not only enhances the nutritious value of food but also doesn’t have any side effects. Let’s us have a look at three reasons why we should cook in pure clay cookware sets.

# Better Option Than the Conventional Cookware Sets Used These Days

The conventional cookware sets are mostly made of metals, plastic or ceramic clay. In the process to make the cookware attractive lot of chemicals are used. These chemicals or the Teflon coatings leach into the food, react with the biochemicals present in the food making it toxic and unsuitable for health. The instant effects may not be seen, but in the long run, it leads to a variety of health issues like allergies or even cancer in worst cases. To get rid of all these potential problems, it is important that we cook in pure clay pots and pans. These unglazed pots contain no chemicals and are good for health.

# Nutritive Value of Food Maintained

The earthen pots keep all the nutrients present in the food intact as the optimum temperature is maintained during cooking. These cookware sets gently cook food just at the same time as the conventional ones made of metal.

# Helpful in Low-fat Cooking

In an era, when each one of us is struggling with high cholesterol levels owing to a sedentary lifestyle, it is imperative we consume as little fat as we can. All the food items bestowed with some amount of natural oils and when you cook in the earthen pots you don’t need to add any cooking oil as the natural oils are retained in the pot.

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