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The joy of cooking and eating outdoors is a land of white winters is immense. Here Anumita shares gourmets’ delight, the recipes of grilled fish, poultry, mutton, paneer and vegetables for Different Truths. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

Living in a state (Ohio) where white winters are predominant, outdoor activities are usually limited during the few months of summer. And when the sun shines we find reasons to be outdoors. Spending time outdoors includes cooking outdoors too. Grilling outdoors or indoors, both are very easy and quick. Cooking in the form of grilling is both hassle free and nutritious. It cuts out the excess grease and does not include frying.

I prefer grilling poultry, meat and vegetables any time. Most of the main dishes with a simple side dish can be served both as lunch or dinner. Just add some fruits or a fresh salad and the meal is complete. My children like a side of Texas or Cheese toast for the extra crunch.

So let’s fire up the grill and get some sizzling dishes done.

Grilled Chicken/Fish:

Prep time: 10 mins                                                      Cooking time: 15 /20 mins

Type: Grill                                                                      For: Lunch / Dinner


Chicken Thighs 12 pieces/ Fish (Salmon) 12 pieces 5’long to 2’ thick

Oil/Butter for basting

Salt to taste

Grill spices/ Tandoori Masala / Tikka Masala

Lemon juice ½ cup

Ginger paste 2 tlbsps

Garlic paste 2 tlbsps

Green chili paste 2 tlbsps


Clean the thigh pieces and pierce with a fork and keep aside. Put all the meat/fish in a big bowl add the spices, ginger paste, garlic paste, chili paste, salt, lemon juice and a little of oil and mix them together.

Marinate overnight.

Place each piece on the grill and let it flame grill them for 15 to 20 minutes. Fish pieces need less time. Use a grill thermometer and check the inner side of the meat. Baste with butter/oil intermediately. Then flip the pieces so that both sides get cooked properly.

Serve them hot out of the grill.



Grilled Vegetables:

Prep time: none                                                             Cooking time: 5/7 mins

Type: Grill                                                                       For: Side dish with fish/poultry


Corn on the cob 6 pieces

Asparagus sticks 12 or more

Butter/Olive oil for basting

Rock salt to taste

Lemon juice

Pepper flakes


Clean the corn cobs and apply butter/olive oil. Place them on the grill. Baste the asparagus with olive oil, rock salt and pepper flakes then place them on the grill.

Turn them few minutes for five to seven minutes. Apply rock salt and lemon juice on the corn cobs and serve. Server the asparagus sticks directly from the grill.


Skewer grill can be done with a combination of meat and vegetables. Use boneless chicken/mutton or shrimps or Paneer (cottage cheese) cubes. Marinate them and poke them into a skewer alternating between pieces of bell pepper, onions and tomatoes.

Enjoy all this with some crunchy Texas/Cheese toast, fresh salad of your choice and some juicy fruits.

Note: There is a difference in flavour between charcoal grilled and gas grilled. Charcoal is the traditional form of grilling and it renders a smoky essence to the food. On the other, hand gas grilling is much easier to handle. Whichever method of grilling you use, enjoy the experience and the delicious food.

                                                                         Happy Grilling!

©Anumita C. Roy

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