Lotus Eaters: Delicious Honey Chilli Lotus Stem

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Bengalis are obsessed with food. They make almost everything worth eating. Sarika shares the recipe of lotus stem, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

There is a saying, we Bengalis eat to and to eat. We are connected globally with a common thread, food. In fact, food is always on Bengalis’ minds. We are always ready to discuss food. For example, during rainy days we need khichuri and fries, if there is Hilsha fry, than it is bonus. During winter, dumplings, fresh vegetables followed by pitha and puli.

Every season is meant to be different flavours and tastes of food.

Even food distinctly divides the people from one region to the other, like Bangal (people of East , now Bangladesh) and Ghoti (those from West ). By far Ghoti’s favourites are prawns, and Hilsha is for Bangal – I grew up with this view. Here, I am not going to discuss this love-hate relationship between Bangal and Ghoti, but we will focus on the food.

We are also known for eating everything, like leaves, stalks, and peels, which are used in cooking. It’s a good, cheap source of nutrition. For example, peels of bottle gourd or potato skin. My non-Bengali friends used to make fun of me saying, you guys eat everything. Yes, we do, but we make it worth eating.

Well, let me talk about today’s recipe, last Sunday I prepared Lotus Stem. It is one dish which is not common in Bengali household, I tasted for the first time in a restaurant in Pune, named Kamal kakri ki sabji. And as I said, we eat almost everything. It was a success story for me, when my family relished it.

Honey Chilli Lotus Stem


 Sliced lotus stem a packet around 200 gm
 Honey: 1 tb spoon
 Tomato ketchup, say around 40 ml
 Oi(i used chilli oil) half tb spoon
 Vinegar 1 tea spoon
 Corn flour, 1tb spoon
 Maida: 1/3 tb spoon
 Oil: 60 ml
 Salt
 Ginger (): 1 tea spoon
 Dry red chili (diced): 2 to 3

 Take a mixing bowl
 Add cut lotus stems with two spoons of butter.
 Mix it well and now add corn flour and coat it properly
 Fry like potato chips, I mean like
 Then take a pan bring to heat.
 Add 1 table spoon of oil
 Just burn the dry red chillies
 Now, add sliced ginger and all the sauces & seasoning
the sauce for few seconds
 Add fried lotus stems
 Finally, Toss with diced spring onion leafs.
 Transfer to a small plate
with the way you like.


©Sarika Sarkar Das

Photos by the author.

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