Let’s Talk Bread Desi Style

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Anumita shares two recipes of Desi sandwiches. These are wholesome, quick to make and delicious too. Make it tangy and , according to your . Children love these.

The thought of bread usually is accompanied with the thought of a sandwich. Most Indians (Desis) prefer a bit of spice in their food. The run-of- the-mill sandwiches kind of fall bland on their taste palettes. So, as most of us Desis, we spruce the sandwich to our own taste.

From childhood sandwiches were considered comfort food, snacks and the very essential component in the school lunch box (tiffin). During lunch at school, it was a big thing to know whose mother had packed the most innovative sandwiches. And those stories came back home to our own mothers and the imitation of that sandwich was the next project.

Now, I am a mom with two growing up boys, food it a non-stop supply at home. But, I have to be careful about their health too. So, here are two sandwiches, which are both easy to make and healthy but filled with flavor.

Egg and Potato Sandwich

Prep time: 5 mins.                                                 Cook time: none

Cuisine: Universal                                                  Type of Meal: Snack, Light Lunch or Packed Lunch


Bread slices (choose the type of bread you prefer)

Cheese slices

Boiled eggs sliced

Boiled potato

Fresh Black Pepper powder


Chipotle sauce

Sliced fresh Jalapeño


Toast the bread slices if you like the crunch in your crust, otherwise use untoasted. Dab some butter on the inside of both slices. Layer up with boiled egg slices, boiled potato slices, jalapeño slices and the cheese. Personally, I skip the cheese layer, but my children love it. Just before the last layer add a few drizzles of chipotle sauce. Then, sprinkle with black pepper powder. Cover with another slice of bread and bit into the crunchy yet flavorful sandwich. It is usually pretty fulfilling, and I often have a cup of cappuccino with it. Enjoy every bite.

PS: This is such an easy layer sandwich that you can add whatever is in your refrigerator or you fancy.

Paneer Melt Open Sandwich

Prep time: 5/10 mins.                                                  Cook Time: 5 mins.

Cusine: Fusion                                                               Type of Meal: Snack, Lunch or Packed Lunch


Bread slices (use the kind of bread you like)

1 cup of Paneer (cottage cheese) cubed and sliced

Handful of Cilantro (coriander leaves) chopped

2 chilies chopped

Small red chopped

2 cloves of garlic chopped

Fresh black pepper powder



Dab butter on both sides of the slices and layer them on the rack of the toaster oven. Lay the sliced paneer and sprinkle the other ingredients on them. Dab a few drops of butter on the top and toast it for two minutes or till the paneer melts. Take it out of the oven and sprinkle with pepper and enjoy the hot desi bruschetta. As usually, I love a cup of steaming coffee to go with these spicy and crunchy goodies.

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Anumita Chatterjee Roy

Anumita Chatterjee Roy

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