Healthy and Delicious Baked Mango Yogurt

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Sarika, our foodie, shares a simple, three-ingredient of healthy and delicious baked mango yogurt, a befitting desert to beat the Summer. Here’s the finger-licking homemade special dish, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

I had a week off in the April-Spring break from school. However, when most of the world was enjoying the Spring, Hyderabad was burning because of the scorching heat. Just to beat the heat, we flew to for three days, where it was raining and we were cozy under the warm blanket and the greenery that soothed my eyes and soul.

While returning, I insisted that my parents come with me; so that they could spend some time with their grandson.  In April, we Bengalis also usher Bengali New Year, and I got an opportunity to spent Nobo Borsho with them, after 14 long . Apart from all the instructed by Maa, I cooked some Bengali dishes too, followed by baked mango yogurt. And everyone loved it.

Summer and go hand in hand. You will hardly find anyone who says that they are not a mango . I am an exception. I love raw . are versatile. We use these from soups to desserts, salads to pickles, beverages to , everywhere. We love it in every form. I have seen an advertisement called Aamsutra (for mango juice). I don’t know what else we might see in future. I am sharing an easy recipe with ripe mangoes.

Three-ingredient Baked Mango Yogurt

1 cup Greek Yogurt

3 tablespoons sweetened Condensed Milk (or according to your taste)

1 cup sweet fresh Mango Pulp.


In a large bowl, cream the Yogurt, condensed milk and the mango pulp, until smooth.

Shift the mixture into an oven proof dish bowl/pan.

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees F or 104 degrees C

Now place the bowl on the top rack of the oven.Bake the yogurt for 25/30 minutes.

Bake till the top of the yogurt has set, and turn off the oven.

Cover it with a foil and leave it in the oven for another 5 hrs (I kept it overnight).

Take it out and refrigerate for a few of hours.

Serve chilled. Enjoy with family and friends!

©Sarika Sarkar

Photos by the author.

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