Easter Bunny brings new Spring Treats

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For Easter Sunday’s brunch, lunch or dinner, here are some quick recipes from Anumita. With a little imagination, ordinary ingredients help make extraordinary dishes. Here’s how you can do it.

It’s spring and there are colours around us. The vegetation sports a new and blooms of all colours of the rainbow are splashed in nature. The Easter Bunnies play the center stage. Frolicking little bushy tails and pointy ears adds up to the gaiety of the season. Other than eating carrots, Easter bunnies get to distribute colored eggs. Keeping the carrots and eggs in mind, I decided to bring in two recipes, which would have these as the main ingredients.

Shredded Salad

Salads are of various kinds. Fresh and easy to make and often takes no time to assemble. Around the world, people make salad as a side dish, starter or even have it as a main course during a quick lunch or dinner. Salads are no brainer, and are the result of tossing up of ingredients or even leftovers for that matter that a person might like to eat. During the early spring, fresh veggies offer the best salads. I made this with grated carrots, you may substitute it with coleslaw or fresh grated coloured cabbage.

Prep time: 15 mins                     Cooking Time: 5mins                        Type: Salad/Side dish


Big carrots: thick grates or very thin strips

Green chilies: as per taste

One lime: pitted and juiced

A pinch of mustard

One dry red chili

according to taste

Oil: one teaspoon


Mix the sliced carrots with lime juice, salt and green chili. In a small fry pan pour oil and let the

mustard seeds splutter with the dry red chili. Pour the seasoned oil into the carrot mixture. Mix

well and serve cool. This is a perfect side dish, which can go well with rice, roti or paratha and

any non-veg.




Pearly Eggs in Sour Cream

Eggs are easy to make recipes. These are liked by vegetarians and many non-vegetarians, making

it a versatile dish. A quick lunch or dinner with some rice, naan, or paratha, with a side of

veggies makes up a complete meal. Rich in protein, eggs are good as and sides.

 Prep time: 15mins                    Cook time: 20mins                   Type: Indian/Main course


Egg: 1 dozen boiled

Green chilies: 3 sliced through

Onions: 2 medium size very fine

Ginger: about 1 1/2 inch ground to paste

Garlic: 4 to 5 big cloves ground to paste

Salt: to taste

Turmeric powder: 1 tea spoon

Garam Masala Powder: 2 tea spoons

Sour cream: 1 cup

Cilantro: few leaves for garnish


Boils and shell eggs, and keep aside.  In a flat bottom pan, heat the oil and fry the onion, till transparent.  Add the garlic-ginger paste to it and season it with salt, turmeric and the garam masala powder.   When oil separates, add the sour cream. Add the eggs and let it simmer for few minutes.  Remove from heat; garnish it with the slit green chili and cilantro leaves. A piping hot egg curry ready to serve.

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Anumita Chatterjee Roy

Anumita Chatterjee Roy

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