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Subhajit Sanyal

Subhajit Sanyal

Born in October, Subhajit is an open minded soul of 19. A son of Bengal, Subhajit belongs to a small town, Purulia. He has completed his schooling in 2015, May, when he begun scribbling as a hobby, affected by all that is happening in his surroundings. He is fond of reading, writing, music and photography, solely dedicated to writing and learning. He began writing by chance but now, is a wanderer by choice.
Subhajit Sanyal

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Like many other victims of rape and molestation, Shobha was also denied of an identity, mistreated and misunderstood by her neighbours and her relatives. As a journalist, this scribe was given the task of interview her since others weren’t comfortable doing it. She was initially rude. Ultimately, she gave in to his persuasiveness and persistence. She narrated how […]

Book Extract: For the Love of a Man

The book For the Love of a Man is a heavily fictionalized account of her life that lays bare taboo subjects like female sexuality, exposing what right-thinking people would carry to their graves with sealed lips. The first chapter of this book won a prize amongst 1700 entries for being one of the best 1 st chapters of […]