Miracle Waters: Magical Rose Water and Rice Water – III

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Anumita, our Managing Editor, talks of the qualities of Rose water and Rice water, in the third part of the five-part serial on Miracle waters. These inexpensive home remedies are time-tested. Find out more, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

Continuing with the Miracle waters, today, let’s find out the many benefits of Rose water and Rice water. These home remedies are time tested. Try these out.

Rose Water

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers, and it has a sweet scent. Historically, rose petals have been used in the preparation of many cosmetics both for coloration and fragrance. Instead of using harsh chemicals, rose water is a mild cleanser and often has been used to sooth irritant skin or eyes. Rose water has been used in drinks to create a sweet aromatic flavour.

Pluck the petals of the rose and wash it. Add some water in a saucepan and cover and let it boil on low flame. Once the water boils, strain it and cool the water. Store it in a clean mason jar. Rose water has both skin care and hair care properties.

Toner: After washing you in the evening, dab a cotton ball with the rose water and use it as a toner.

Coolant: Sunburns and mild rashes are often a cause of irritation during summer. Dab some rose water on the affected area and let it dry.

Acne Help: Oily skin are prone to acne. Excessive use of soap to wash off the oil can result in skin irritation or extreme . The best is to wet a clean cheese cloth with rose water and lay it on your face and relax. The helps the Ph to balance.

Puffiness: The eyes are the most delicate area of our face. Avoid using harsh chemicals instead dab some rose water to decrease puffiness and dark circles.

Conditioner: Dilute your regular shampoo with rose water and use it. This is would condition your hair while washing it.

Pretreatment 1: Mix rose water in ground fenugreek leaves and apply on scalp. Leave it for about 40 mins and then wash it off. This makes the scalp healthy.

Pretreatment 2: Mix rose water and glycerin and apply at the hair roots. This makes the roots strong.

Pretreatment 3: Mix rose water with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E and apply on scalp and hair. Massage in a circular motion with fingertips for 5 to 10mins. Then shampoo and wash.

Rice Water

Very similar to the properties to rose water, rice water is a cooling agent and often helps sooth irritant skin. It can be used both on dry and oil skin.

To prepare rice water wash rice and fill water about 2 inches over the level of the rice. Cover and keep it overnight. Boil the rice and strain with a cheese cloth after mashing the rice in the water.

The thick consistency of the rice water can be easy to apply on face or hair.

Coolant: Apply Rice water on sunburnt or irritated skin. Let it dry and wash it off with cool water.

Reduces Pores: Apply Rice water on the part of the face with large pores. Let it dry on the skin and then wash off with cold water. The rice water helps to tighten skin and so reduce open pores.

Acne Control: Dab rice water on the areas affect with acne. The drying and tightening quality of rice help to dry up the and reduce the pore size.

Face Pact: Mix rice water with facial clay and apply it on the face. Let it dry and then wash it off. The minerals in rice water brighten up the skin.

Hair Rinse: Before shampoo, rinse hair with rice water. It helps to increase the shine of the hair and make the follicles stronger.

When homemade things can give us the required beauty and , it would be wise not to use the market bought chemicals. With the constant use of natural products, our skin, hair and overall of our body would be stronger and beautiful.

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