Are you ready for the Beauty Parlour?

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Rajini gives useful tips to make a visit to the hassle free. Every woman needs to pamper herself.

Every woman needs to look and feel good. A Bengali friend of mine had once said, “J chul bandhe shey ranna o kore,” [One who ties her hair (beautifully) cooks too]. She said that it is a popular saying in Bengal that not only describes an efficient woman aptly but also makes us aware of her multitasking, day in day out.

Every woman learns to take care of herself despite giving birth to an infant, nurturing and caring for it right up to making him/her a caring, sensitive and responsible adult.

A woman is curvy, beautiful and vivacious. She caringly grooms herself to spread confidence around her. A simple woman may be transformed into an attractive one, with beautification tips. Beauty regime of manicure, pedicure, waxing, trimming is almost a must for every woman. Almost every woman visits the beauty parlour.

woman is more beauty conscious, now. She is exposed to the glossies, television and the internet. The market is flooded with several varieties of cosmetics, including many imported brands that were foreign to the lay woman.

She has learned to find time for herself despite her busy schedule to pamper herself at least once a month.

Here’s a to-do list to help you make your visit to the parlour pleasant and less time consuming.


Avoid wearing rings, toe-rings, anklets and watch as these hinder the process. The other benefit is that you do not have the risk of losing your rings at the parlour or forgetting it. Avoid expensive dress as the wax may splash and spoil it. Do not apply moisturiser on the area to be waxed because it prevents hair from getting pulled out.


Avoid sticker bindis. You may carry a bindi packet in your purse. While the space between your brows is being cleansed off tiny hair, followed by application of soothing cream, the wax on the bindi and the grease of the cream may not let it stick properly. Instruct the beautician to apply the cream only on your brows, not in between the brows.


If you want to get your eyebrows trimmed do not wear contact lenses. These will hurt your eyes when the beautician works on your brows. It may damage the lenses too.

Light coloured clothes, especially kurta and dupatta are a strict no. The colour (dye) or the paste may stain your clothes.

Do not henna your hair at least three weeks prior to a perm. The coating of henna does not allow perm to work well on hair.

If you are dashing off to a wedding or a party before getting your hair styled, a French Bun or something elaborate, watch what you wear.

Wear something that does not require slipping through the head. When you change after and styling, the dress may spoil the hair-style.

Don’t forget to carry your snail-mailing jobs or you could just read or knit so that you need not sit idle, while you are getting your hair coloured or a facial done.

If you are into writing then a whole lot drafts may be written there. Idling is boring too. Beware of gossip!

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Rajini Sankar

Rajini Sankar

Rajini is a warm person, with great passion for music, writing, reading, dancing and spiritual knowledge. She is a graduate in psychology and is a copywriter by profession. She lives in Bangalore.
Rajini Sankar