What Motivates You in the Workplace?

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Bangalore-based HR professional tells us the secrets of motivations at the workplace, in the regular column, exclusively in Different Truths.

One of the biggest asset you can own is the ability to motivate yourself to get up in the morning and do what you do well. The reason why I write about this is because not everyone can do this without support.

There are three parts to you, the mind, the heart and the spspiritMost times these act independently and we are really not sure which one to follow. In real terms there will be one aspect which is achievable, one which is challenging and one which is overwhelming. Where the first two are good the overwhelming part is what can rock the boat on either side of the spectrum which makes it difficult. In this dilemma of things, we end up getting demotivated and move to a rather depressing state of mind. As people it is difficult to deal with this. Whence I was going through this phase of my life I heard someone say to me, go to sleep, tomorrow is a new day and things will change for you.

Things change in life overnight. I might be overstating this but the situations in life I have gone through have always seen changes overnight. It’s like, love, hate, likes and dislikes, pleasure and pain, happiness and sorrow. Looking at all this what it made me realise is that everything in life hangs in a balance. It is for ourselves to ensure that we tread the right path and keep the balance heavier on the positives.

But what actually motivates you to get up in the morning and go through the daily routine of the day every day? There has to be something that drives you to do that. I know there will be days when we just don’t want the night to end and we don’t want the next day to start.

We get off the bed fearing that we may get late to work because we have a client deadline, or we are scared what the boss will tell, or we are scared to lose pay for defaulting, all these are there, and part and parcel of life, but there is this ultimate reason that actually drives us. It is when we realise the larger picture that we then start to appreciate the reality of today.

I fear I may be sounding abstract but here is where the catch is, when we really start questioning ourselves about the reason why we do what we do, we will realise that beyond the money, house, lifestyle and other material things there will be a point which will lead to your satisfaction. Realising that is most important.

People who are weak generally seek support from psychologists or counsellors. What they learn is what some of us already know. But there is this large set of people who do not realise this because of their strong spirit. They just blindly follow not really focussing on what they are actually seeking.

There are a few things I would like to mention that will help all of us retain or cultivate this focus in life for the larger picture. This large picture can be anything from being a great leader to attaining enlightenment:

  1. Spend at least half an hour in a day thinking for yourself (the topic/s can be anything but don’t forget to seek answers to what you want to know).
  2. Always try to be better every day. Like I heard a dialogue in a movie where it goes like “if good is not good enough do better, if better is not good enough be the best”
  3. Learn something new every time.
  4. Stay fit (a healthy body, a healthy mind)
  5. Keep your nerve. Never let things get to your head.
  6. Control anger and try to channelise anger in a positive way.
  7. Play – (do anything that will help you destress)
  8. Sleep well, tomorrow is always a new day and you will face it with all positive energy.

Practice this as part of your daily routine. It is not easy, at the same time it is not difficult either. It’s up to you to make up your mind as to what you want to do and how you want to do it. You may read a hundred books and may learn a hundred different things, at the end of the day you are wise when you learn to apply them and stay ahead. In today’s competitive world, complications in life is a given, change is the only thing that will keep you challenged and success is when you learn to accept it and move ahead.

Life is like a ship, however well-oiled the machinery may be, only when it stands the test of time, the tides and the currents that make it the ultimate engineered machine. The truth of your life and the reason for your living is in the reasons why people will remember you in time to come.

Motivation is the one factor that will keep your feet grounded, yet let you sore to heights you have imagined. Stay motivated and always be positive. It’s after all part of life and this moment in life will pass.


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Preeyan Abraham is a HR professional. He loves travelling and all the little intricacies that it brings. A foodie, he enjoys cooking for relaxation. A movie buff and music lover, he appreciates simple things in life. He comes from a mix of religious backgrounds that has helped him appreciate all the good things of what all religions have to see. He looks at life as a platform created to perform and give the best.