What is More Important, the Position or Salary?

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Salary is a value that quantifies your time you are providing for the organisation. Some deserved, some undeserved, and some unrealistic, but it is all proportional to the time and effort you have put in till now. Preeyan helps us make the difficult choice, position or salary, in an organisation, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

With the end of the financial year in India, most of us are getting geared up for their appraisals and awaiting the salary hike, in expectation of which you have already made commitments and locked up some money somewhere.

Most of us are like this and I mention it from my own experience. This is the time of year some of us tend to take decisions that might take a completely wild swing, which will take us to such a low level that we won’t even realise what hit us. Now, that’s the worst that can happen. There are a few things that we can do to ensure that will help us avoid such situations.

It is important for you to grow, but you need to realise that most times we work in a rather subjective situation. Because the factors affecting your growth and appraisal is subjective to the people who you report to. Hence you need to manage their expectations and their opinions about you. This is a task, that requires meticulous manipulation.  Manipulation here is not in the negative sense but has to be done positively. The sum total of all the effort you put in for a period of time is what takes you there.

Position improvement is very important, this is what will help you develop as a person. To my understanding, if you are stagnating in a position for over four years you need to relook at what your position is and why you are stagnating there. You may need professional help and may have to reach an understanding as to why you are stuck there and what you may have to do to get over it.

Most of us do not realise that salary is not everything. The additional money you earn may help in settling down your immediate issues but in the long run, it may really not help. We are living in a world where the day to day expenses are growing every day and we have to rationalise everything. The only thing you have control of is your own thoughts, actions, and deeds. Work on it to make it better.  

Salary is a value that quantifies your time you are providing for the organisation. Some deserved, some undeserved, and some unrealistic, but it is all proportional to the time and effort you have put in till now. Yes, it is important to see what you are getting is at par with others in the same position but being mentally calculative about what you are being paid vs what you are expected to do will only demoralise you and you may not be able to give your absolute best.

Your increment is usually a factor of many variables, which may not be visible to you. Hence it is important to learn about those things that affect the amount of increment you may get, some of them are the top line, bottom line, change in taxation, increase in retirals etc. Keeping an eye on all that will give you an accurate picture of what you can expect and if you have been exceptional you may be in for a surprise.  The surprise element has to be a surprise and not your expectation, so please restrain from expecting a surprise every time.

Usually, people ask me, “When do you think we should quit and start looking for a new Job?” My answer to this has always been that the day you feel that you are not enjoying what you are doing or feel your contribution is not required, you just start looking out. Most people I know have taken calls just based on the time they have spent in the company and say that its time to move on. If you stay at one place too long then you lose your value in the market. That’s a bad way of looking at it. If you were a commodity then you could say so, but I definitely feel that it is more the fact that you want to do something different that you try to move on. Because otherwise, the image you have built for yourself in an organisation for the time you have spent there actually becomes of no use because once you change you have to put the same effort to settle in and build trust amongst your peers and bosses. It may sound easy but every bit of it is difficult.

But this is the time that you have to decide on how you want to set your life. An ambitious person would give it all to see how much growth can be attained. The pessimistic usually end up taking a jump, though the salary may have increased the position they hold is at risk at least until the time they make their bosses comfortable.

I only remind you of the story that my grandmother used to tell me which is called “the grass is greener on the other side”. It’s true to life. Don’t waste the efforts you have put in for so many years. Don’t keep unsettling yourself too much. Make calculated moves and commitments, things will always work out well and we can make a good future for ourselves.

Remember, it’s a matter of taking care of your credentials you have built up. Stay calm, stay positive and work hard.


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