The Concept of Realisation

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It is important that you start thinking along the lines of their confusion. Understand the confusion they have in mind and then address your in such a way that is simple and clear. The is the most effective way to bring about comprehension, advises -based Preeyan, in the weekly column, exclusively for .

Have you ever been in a situation where you have not been able to understand how to make someone comprehend what you are trying to make him realise and have felt lost in his confusion?

Yes, most of us have gone through this. With a lot of time and experience, we have moved out of where you used to be and some of the confusions you used to have during that time are something very silly to you today. And this situation is true not only while communicating with someone who is lower in the ranks but to even your bosses.

With my recent exposure to Ethiopia and the people working with you have an issue with the English language, it got me thinking. What I realised during my introspection is the fact that, we generally get it to our head that it should be . for us may not necessarily be common for the person who you are with and expecting to understand that it is common.

The most effective way to get this problem sorted is by firstly getting down/up to the level of the person you are addressing. It is important that you start thinking along the lines of their confusion. Understand the confusion they have in mind and then address your communication in such a way that is simple and clear. The simplicity of communication is the most effective way to bring about comprehension.

This comprehension will then lead to realisation. Like, for example, the worker level people here are on a plan. If their productivity for the day is at a particular level the incentive will wary basis the output they deliver. Unfortunately, most of the time this concept of goes out of the window. They do not realize the amount of money they can make by being productive, they just work based on their mood and sometimes work to full capacity and sometimes choose not to. We tried every mode of communication and realized that they were just not understanding what it meant to make 50 bucks a day. They have never once calculated it over a month and seen how much this could have been. During this time, we tried to talk to one person at a time and got them out of the line and spent a good fifteen minutes with each one. Firstly, we understood their needs and made them realise the loss for themselves because of not earning the incentive. I am not sure how much this will work but, by doing this we at least felt that they were clear of their confusion.

This also happens during senior-level discussions. Some people may have just not wanted to listen to you and understand what you are trying to tell him. That is when you need to realize when to back up a little, have a small deviation, and take an alternative route to get your thought across. Once it is understood and still found ineffective then you will have to understand their point of view and then come up with something more creative.

That is when I realised that creative people have this ability to make people understand their point of view. They may take a different angle but will surely get their message across.

Being creative means, just thinking differently, and looking at work differently. Not afraid to take a chance on something new and not afraid of failure. The fear of failure is one of the most critical aspects of being different. Most people suffer from this problem, those who overcome this fear and look at things differently are the ones who come up with creative ideas.

Think about it, every time you want someone to understand your point of view, always get to their level, think of how they can benefit from your idea and then address them. You will see that you are accepted better and are looked at as a creative person.


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