How to Handle Success?

To most of us, success hits us on the head like a mighty blow. We are not hurt but we reach a high, which is close to insanity. We need to deal with it in the right way. Preeyan cautions us on how to handle success and not become its victim, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Undeniably, “success” is what we all are chasing from the time we started competing, we were chasing success when we were in school, success in college to get the best jobs, success at work to get the best pay and positions and success in life to become the best at what we do and that scale keeps increasing and the pursuit sometimes spins a web of confusions that takes you for a mighty ride even without you realizing it. It is not that success is something you fear but what you need to deal with in a mature and constructive manner

To most of us, success hits us on the head like a mighty blow. We are not hurt but we reach a high, which is close to insanity. We need to deal with it in the right way. And what I state may not be the only way but one way that can help you deal with it.

There are some things we need to learn to control in life. One is excitement. We get excited when something bad happens, we call it anxiety. But, when something good happens, we call it enthusiasm. High levels of both are not good for us because we tend to make decisions, which we usually do not take in a calm and composed state of mind. Hence, it is important that we move important decision making to when we are in a composed state of mind.

The other thing that happens to us when we are successful is that we lose our feet on the ground. We tend to start floating, losing logical reasoning and tend to go over the top on most of the things. This is when we end up taking some questionable decisions in life.

Another thing we need to be careful about is that we don’t forget the way we reached this point and the people who have influenced it. Most people tend to forget or become too big that they don’t care about the little things that they used to take care of before they reached this position. We need to be wary of that because it can completely turn your life upside down. This is a very important stage in life when you taste the sweetness of success, enjoy it, come to terms with it, and make sure that does not change the core values you have imbibed to reach this position. The pains, the sacrifices and the accommodations you had to endure are true and it is well deserved, but do not stretch it so much that you lose your self-image.

Stay grounded and keep your ears to the ground. This will help you sustain and grow further. Losing this might leave you disconnected and when in need you will have no one to fall back on. Your old friends, good team, great colleagues who helped you reach this position and for all you know your own family might find it difficult to keep up to you and break ties by sheer thought that now you are in a different league and they are too small in front of you.

Stay present and stay tuned, there are people who have reached the pinnacle of their success and have completely faded from the memory of people and lost everything they had because they were not present. There are many examples that can be spoken about but I wish not to mention them here because you know what we are discussing and you know who they are. These are people who completely forgot that they had a life and that they have to sustain their life well into the future. We have to think of those people and ensure that we learn from them that we cannot afford to do that.

Always be happy. Spreading happiness is the only thing that we have control of and we can do easily. Simple things like a smile, a warm wish, a surprise gift, a cup of coffee, a friendly chat and a shoulder to cry spreads happiness. This will help you remain emotionally stable and help your environment be conducive to what you want it to be. It keeps you up in the position you have reached, it keeps you grounded on your feet and keeps your ears to the ground. It’s an amazing feeling when all of this comes together and you get to live the way you want to. It’s not the road to success that is most difficult, it is the sustenance of position and further achievement of success that is difficult. Do remember life does not stop here, it moves on, it’s up to us how we want to live the rest of our life. Stay happy, stay hungry, age will never be the enemy, you will see that there is always one more day to live every time you wake up in the morning.

Success is the sum total of all our landmarks in life. The more positive, the higher your success graph goes.


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