How to Deal with Your Boss?

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Our bosses were at our levels in the past. They have also grown to this level through a lot of hard work. Once at that position they probably do not change, it is our perception of them that changes. In this write-up, Preeyan touches upon those areas, which we, as subordinates, need to cultivate to ensure that we do not have “boss issues”. An insightful article, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Any corporate structure however flat they claim to have a hierarchy within the system. And it is always the same format – doers, drivers, thinkers. The ‘doers’ are the workforce who get every activity done, you have the ‘drivers’ who we call bosses and we have the ‘thinkers’ who are at the management level.

At any micro level, this working environment evolves the same way where the ‘thinker’ at the ground level is the ‘doer’ at the mid-level, so on and so forth. We are constantly switching hats. When we start off our career we are only at the ‘doer’ level, which implies that we are meant to do a specific set of tasks. As we grow, the complexity of these multiple hats we wear becomes prominent and that’s when we seem to have trouble dealing with our bosses.

What we need to realise is that our bosses were also once at our position. They have also grown to this level through a lot of hard work. Once at that position they probably do not change, it is our perception of them that changes. In this write-up, I would like to touch upon those areas, which we, as subordinates, need to cultivate to ensure that we do not have “boss issues”.

Have an open perspective. Always listen and analyse before you respond, do not jump the gun. People who have bosses who they think do not listen to them are actually misunderstanding the whole situation. Most times this misunderstanding is because we fail to listen if we paid closer attention to what they go through the whole perspective changes. Working becomes easier if we listen and understand and ensure that we deliver what they want.

Always pay attention to details. Keep up to date on every aspect of your work. Be clear about what you have to do and pay attention to details that your boss wants you to look at. Always remember, the small mistakes and errors we commit actually makes it an embarrassing moment to the management team.

Keep yourself visible. It is very important for any career-oriented person to be visible on the job. It is very simple to stay visible, but in the chores of what we do on a daily basis, we tend to ignore th

is aspect. Understand that, if you do not showcase what you are doing in the system, some day or the other the boss will ask you what value add you have brought to the table. At the end of the day, it is the value you show that is judged. Everything you do is important so do not leave out the things we have initiated and projects we have taken up.

Think of the best and easiest way to do things. I have seen a very few people who can actually do that. We need to ensure that the easy way means that you save time, productivity and efficiency increases, and you create an impact. The biggest way for an organisation to make money is by being productive and efficient.

Learn to talk only when required. Many times you will realise that most of the time we end up saying stuff that becomes irrelevant, and once said we can’t undo what has been done. It is ok to be calculative with your boss just to stay out of an awkward situation. It also means that you listen and do it carefully.

Follow escalation matrix. Any issues that are creating a block in accomplishing your task needs to get escalated. You need to know who you can approach to get solutions. Which means that you need to know your team spend time socializing.

Always stay connected to reality. Never underestimate the variable elements that will cause hindrance to your performance. Always have a backup plan and continuation plan. Sustainability of anything does not happen because the boss says so, it happens because you are organized. The better you are organised the easier it is to stay connected. Being organized and planning accordingly enables us to stay focused and push our productivity.

Respect is an important aspect of any human relationship. We need to respect the position your boss is at and you need to appreciate the efforts your boss has put in to get to this position. This will enable you to build an atmosphere of mutual respect in your relationship with your boss.

What we need to understand is that we spend most of our life at work and there is a boss for everyone. They are also people like us. Some are very good and some are bad. But whoever it is, is expecting these very points I have mentioned. Some of us actually find it difficult with some people especially our bosses. We need to work on being adaptive and try to adjust, else gracefully move out before it turns ugly for anyone.  The good thing is that the culture is now changing, the subordinates are more talkative and the managers who have grown from the ranks, treat others with good respect and the atmosphere is ever evolving at our workplace.

Our bosses are just bringing human. We need to know when to do what.


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