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Five Things you need to do Every Day as a Professional

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Preeyan, an HR professional, tells us the five things each one of us must do, every day, to ensure growth and professional fulfillment. Read more in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

It is interesting that most of us professionals do not think about some things that we have to do. I am not talking about our daily routine, I am just talking about things that will make us happy and enthused to get to work the next day.

Here are my top five things I will like to do every day and those who agree with me will want to do so too.

  1. Inspire someone today: In my opinion, the best way to inspire ourselves is by inspiring someone else. Doing that every day brings an air of positivity to the day and there is a sense of fulfillment. Even if it means that this happens at the very end of the day it still gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment that instills a very positive frame of mind. To inspire someone, we need to look for opportunities, opportunities that will give us a chance to help or contribute in positive terms to someone’s problem. It can be as simple as helping a cleaner by showing some easy way of getting something done. Many times we just shove away things by saying it is not our job. But when we can do that thing better why not teach or motivate someone to do things the right way. What happens when we do that is we get loved, we are then given a smile by someone totally unrelated to our work and the feeling that smile gives you is what love does to you. All that positivity you spread gives you back that when you need it the most. 
  1. Appreciate someone today: Most of us in senior positions do not necessarily practice this. It is good to start the morning huddle with an appreciative note. Appreciation is just a gesture you can do to increase someone’s self-confidence and boost the team to do well and earn that appreciation. It helps you in keeping the team motivated and the morning huddles become that much more interesting and inspiring. It need not be that you are the superior of the team, it means a lot to anyone even if the appreciation is the youngest member of the team. Having this practice will give us an opportunity and the need to keep looking for good work and something around us to appreciate. Making it a necessity every day makes it a compulsion for us to get people to do good work. 
  1. Be critical of yourself: No one appreciates criticism for the simple reason that we do not introspect. Hence, it is important to be able to critically review your own self and introspect on how we could do something better. This way any criticism becomes positive and we tend to deal with it better. We are looking forward to making things better and we all want to create an impression. But that does not mean that you take every critical view to be a demotivating factor. It just takes some different thinking and things get better all the time. Hence this is something one needs to practice every day. 
  1. Teach something to someone: This is something I learned very early in my career. Teaching someone to do something better at work makes you better at that. My expertise has been mainly due to those who have learned from me, and I practice this religiously. I may not be the perfect example but I can guarantee that the sense of satisfaction it gives it really self-motivating and makes you a better person. 
  1. Spend some time for yourself: I know that it is difficult for one to make time in the busy schedule to be able to allocate time for yourself, but it is this time that gives you the capability to be a good thinker and a great planner. Love yourself, you will then be loved by everyone. I have witnessed it and I have also tried my best to do that. It is very important that you need to give time for yourself like you do for your friends because you are your best friend. This concept in life is the most important, and the most rewarding. Be good to yourself, be appreciative of yourself, be critical of yourself and be happy with yourself. Everything else will fall into place and the result will be visible to you.

Following this, every day is going to change your life and change everything that you could not till now. Life is all about giving and taking. Happiness is a state of mind, always be happy. I will be glad if this has helped you in some way, be happy, stay happy and have a wonderful week ahead and chase success.


©Preeyan Abraham

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