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Education & Career

International Students and their Financial Challenges in the US

According to the Institute of International Education, over one million international students enrolled in American institutions in the year 2015-2016 (International Students). International students face acculturation issues such as culture shock, social challenges, and competitive academics when getting accustomed to a new country and a new academic environment. International students in American institutions bring financial […]

How to Prepare for an Interview – I?

Bangalore-based HR professional, Preeyan, tells us how to crack an interview in three parts. In the first part, he gives invaluable tips on how to prepare for an interview. This is the foundation that would decide if you will be able to get through the initial hurdle and secure the job, successfully. We begin a […]

Question Marks that Still Haunt the Girl-child Education in India

As per the Census report of 2001, the literacy rate recorded was 54 per cent amongst women. Along with sincere efforts made by both the state machinery and NGOs, the government also passed the 86th Constitutional Amendment, in the year 2002, making education from age 6-14 the Fundamental Right of every Indian child. But as per the recent […]

Why the Youth become Wasters, Goons and Henchmen of Politicians in UP?

The total population of UP in the age group 15-24 years is 40,619,000, while the sex ratio is 871/1000; 82% in urban areas and 81% in rural areas are literate. A large number of the youth in the state remains unemployed. Craig Jeffrey’s book, Time Pass: Youth, Class, and Politics of Waiting in India, explores various activities of […]

Complexities and Challenges of Inequality in Educating Children in India

The report and interventions say that access to education alone is insufficient. More efforts are needed to keep marginalised children in school and ensure learning by providing quality education. Even after the enactment of Right to Education Act, 2009, and schemes like midday meal scheme to provide lunch to school going children, the dropout rates are very high. Approximately two-fifth of […]

Bihar Education Budget: High on Inclusion, Low on Per-Student Spending

With one-fifth of its state budget earmarked for school education and allocating provisions for the most marginalised children, Bihar has shown positive intent, while the state lags behind in per-student spending and school infrastructure, as revealed by a recent study done by CRY and CBGA. Here’s a report. Even though having allocated close to one-fifth of the total […]

Soccer for Child Rights at Kolkata

CRY championed the importance of child education through the beautiful game, football, on Saturday (Nov 26) at the Mohun Bagan Athletic Club Football Ground. The tournament was organised by CRY – Child Rights and You, in association with Genius Consultants Ltd. This match celebrated love for football took a new turn and became a platform for ensuring children across […]

Demonetisation: Commoners Face Unending Troubles but Where are the Deep Pockets!

Randomness seems to be inbuilt in our system. While the honest, pious middleclass, deposited huge amounts of money, collectively, standing in unending queues, those with loads of money were nowhere to be seen. The rich – read Deep Pockets – possibly have other means at their disposal. The arbitrariness of the class divide was once again sharp when […]

No Girls are Safe in the Badlands of India!

Bhaskar talks of the regularity of girls’ assaults, repetitively, in our society that shows that something is terribly wrong in the upbringing of the boys, be it inside their houses, during childhood and adolescence, or in schools, colleges and elsewhere. State laws might have failed to curb this ugly, animalistic power, publicly revealed by living beings that see and celebrate, […]

Technology Helped Learning for the Special Needs Children

A tablet was issued to the students and their education became part virtual and part pen and paper. It was huge transition for parents and for some children too. But most of the children, especially those with disabilities found it easier to participate in class activities. Those with physical disabilities did not need to write their answers. Software […]