A Peek into the Acclaimed Strings N Steps Festival

The genesis of the name of the festival has a story of its own. Kathak dancer Sangeeta Majumder named this festival as ‘Strings N Steps’ after her ‘Kathak-Hawaiian Guitar Duet concept’, a performance with the Hawaiian guitarist Neel Ranjan Mukherjee. The innovative idea of presenting Kathak with a stringed instrument was perceived alongside the birth of ‘Strings N Steps […]

Wilma Casal: From Dance, to Healing, to Dance

  Wilma is an upcoming choreographer in the US; in her native Germany she was a prima ballerina. She could have had her choice of major ballet companies in Europe in which to be a principal dancer. Europe in general is far more generous than the USA. Had Wilma decided to continue her dance career in Europe, she […]

Romancing the Desert with Arabian Dances

Anumita takes a roller coaster desert safari in Dubai. Here’s an in-depth report on Arabian dance performances, Tanoura and Belly Dance. Sitting under the open air on Persian rugs spread out under my feet, I felt the gaiety in the air. Pluming up with the smoke drifting from the ‘sheesha’ (hukka) set at the different tables was […]