Eighteen Dead, 50 Injured in a Flyover Collapse in North Kolkata

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A portion of an under construction Vivekananda Flyover, near Ganesh Talkies, in Girish Park locality in Kolkata collapsed this afternoon. Eighteen are dead, 50 are injured, many more are reportedly trapped, including a school bus, under the wreckage of the bridge. Casualties are rising, as per updates. Rescue operations are underway.

A portion of an under construction Vivekananda flyover in North Kolkata, near Ganesh Talkies, collapsed Thursday (March 31) afternoon. Eighteen people were dead. The number of deaths are rising, while many more were reported trapped under the . A school bus was also under the . Rescue operations are underway.

During lunchtime, a large section, about 100 metre, of the under construction collapsed. It crushed pedestrians and vehicles beneath metal, concrete and heaps of debris, in the congested area.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that he was shocked and saddened. He took stock of the rescue operations.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was at the flyover collapse site. She said that construction of that flyover began in 2008, “during CPM time not our time”. The main focus is to rescue those who are trapped. The guilty will be punished, she said.

Residents of Girish Park, along with fire fighters, were trying to rescue people. Local residents guesstimate around 150 people trapped under the wreckage of the flyover.

Kolkata Police, and Disaster Management Groups (DMG) were rushed in. At the time of reporting, DMG officials were using gas cutters and clearing rubbles to save trapped people. A news agency said that 10 people were dead.

Congestion due to buildings on either side of the road and heavy traffic is reportedly causing problems in rescue operations. Local residents were unhappy with the flyover being constructed there for it caused terrible traffic jams. The flyover’s constructions began in 2008. It has missed several deadlines since work on it began about eight years ago.

blamed the Mamta Banerjee government for the corruption that was now exposed.

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