How Seema Combatted the Evil!

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Are our children safe? Young girls are more vulnerable to the diabolical plans and evil designs of men in our society. These evil doers have many faces. Sunita tells us about a real life incident that’s fictionalised. In this story, the protagonist, uses her presence of mind to escape. Find out what did Seema do? Here’s an incident that might happen with anyone, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Seema was doing her homework but was not at all attentive at her studies. She was just looking at the clock and the thought of her private teacher Subhas Das’s arrival time is approaching made her terrified.

It wasn’t for his strictness but for his perverted attitude was Seema petrified this much. It was a shame which she could not relate to anyone of her friends even.

A student of sixth standard, Seema was a bright and beautiful girl. She was always in a happy and jovial mood. Being a single child, she enjoyed all attention of her parents and was greatly pampered. Since she had no siblings, her mother was her true companion. She was Seema’s friend, philosopher and guide. She used to discuss everything with her mom. But today she couldn’t go and open up her heart to mummy even.

Subhas, a man in his mid-thirties had been appointed as Seema’s home tutor. He used to come every evening. He was a stern disciplinarian and a great taskmaster. He used to teach Seema very well and she was greatly improving in her studies. All was going so well until yesterday an incident changed the present scenario.

It was when Seema’s mom had gone to the local market, leaving her daughter in the safe custody of her private tutor. Only the cook was in the kitchen. Seema as usual was busy in her studies when Subhas asked her some absurd questions, which were too embarrassing and Seema felt very shy, as he ogled obscenely at her. He was undressing her and violating her body, first with his ‘dirty gaze’ – something that all girls understand intuitively. He drew pictures of girls’ lingerie and asked whether she wears them or not. She abhorred him. When she did not answer, he slapped her hard. He was trying to overpower her.

Seema started crying and wanted to go away, Subhas then comforted her and said that all this is a part of education and she should never discuss with anyone. He suddenly groped and grabbed her budding breasts with ferocity. He pulled her on his lap and she could feel his manhood rub against her back. She was so shocked that her voice failed her. She froze as he was mauling her. She was struggling to escape from his vice grip. She was suddenly frightened and angry with her mother for trusting this lout.

Subhas’ lust was laced with mean threats. He warned her that if she told this to anyone then he would punish her severely. He scared her that he would kill her mother, if she tried to act smart. He kept on fondling and molesting her. He grabbed her viciously between her legs. Seema was scared and disgusted. But, she caressed his face to make him feel that she was a willing partner in this dirty game. He smiled and loosened his grip. As he started to undress, Seema bolted out of the room, as fast as she could and fled into the kitchen, where the cook was present. She was shivering. But, she made up her mind not to go into the room, where Subhas was. She stayed there on some pretext or the other, hoping that her mother would return fast. Subhas, half naked, called her many times. But, when Seema did not relent, he was angry and frustrated. He just got dressed and left for the day. He was afraid her mother would return too. But before leaving, he wrote in her notebook that the next time they would have more ‘fun’ and if she told her parents, they would not believe her.

Subhas, the wolf in a sheep’s clothing was confident that he had Seema under his control. This was not the first time for him either. He was a master in this game, he told himself, as he walked into his home.

Seema out of fear and disgust was so depressed that she couldn’t decide what was the best thing to do? Though she was a very young girl, she understood that whatever her teacher did to her was wrong and it’s he who should be punished.

Slowly she gathered herself and went to her best friend, her mother, and told her everything, each minute details. Seema’s mother was shocked and angry. Her father, Arun, was away on tour. She talked to him. Arun was seething with rage. His classmate was a senior police official. He told him all. The police chief met Seema and her mother and he had a plan.

Next day, police in plain clothes waited patiently for Subhas to arrive. The threat that he penned on Seema’s notebook was a clinching evidence.

The moment he entered the house Seema’s Mom closed the door and slapped him tightly and said that she knew of all the happenings. She rebuked him by saying that if someone had done the same to his daughter, what would he have done. Enraged, Subhas tried to overpower her. He turned abusive. Just then, five policemen rushed and caught him red handed.

They dragged him in public by the scruff of his collar and handcuffed him when he tried to escape.

Subhas, a highly educated man with great social reputation was exposed. His mask had been pulled down. All this was possible because of Seema’s presence of mind and her ability to speak to her mother.

Seema ran to her mother, heaved a sigh of relief and hugged her tightly.

It’s necessary that we teach our children, girls and boys, about the possible dangers lurking around. We must treat our children as our friends and give the confidence to talk. We must not shame or blame them for any molestation or rape. If need be, we must meet  arrange counselling sessions of the victims and us, their family members. We must break the culture of silence.

Painting: Mahesh J

Painting: Mahesh J

Unfortunately, child molestation is real. It’s a horrific crime. Just be brave, join hands with Different Truths (DT) and fight against this social menace, with an iron hand. Crime against children must stop. All pedophiles must be severely punished.

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For Kolkata-based Sunita Paul aka Nitasu Laup, a single child, reading and writing has been her childhood passion. She won prizes in writing competitions. She began writing seriously after joining Facebook. Author Deborah Brookes Langford and Author Susan Joyner Stumpf helped her publish. Her two books, ‘Stars of Lightning’ and ‘Women of Passion’ are collaborations with different authors. Her first solo book, ‘Inked with Love’ was published recently. She hopes to write a novel soon.