India Still in Most Corrupt Group: Rich Men go Scot-free, Poor are Punished

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Corruption Perception Indices for the last four years released by the Transparency International have also found rampant corruption in the country and placed India among the most corrupt countries of the world. It is happening even in the Modi regime that came into power in 2014 with a promise of corruption free India among […]

Baby Face Bank Robbers: Nelson and Nirav, One Took to Fatal Love of Gun, the Other to Commission

Reading Time: 4 minutesTwo ‘Baby Face’ bank robbers, Nelson and Nirav, make an interesting study. One used gun, the other sweet talks and honey traps. Here’s a report for Different Truths.  Nirav Modi – Baby Face Nirav! He reminds us of the American gangster of the 1930s, Public Enemy No.1 ‘Baby Face Nelson’. Both small guys with big […]

Looking at Elders through Selective Eyes: Retirees from News Organisations in Dire Straits

Reading Time: 5 minutesRetired people from newspaper companies and organisations were never granted proper salaries in their prime time of life. Having craftily ensured low salaries to these essential staff, the management of these newspaper companies also created a debt-trap so that these expert hands could not leave the organisations to join better employment. The debt-trap came in […]

Fight Corruption in Judiciary, Fight Fascist Attacks of Modi Government

Reading Time: 4 minutesJustices J. Chalemeswar, Joseph Kurien, Ranjan Gogoi and M.B. Lokur addressed a press conference saying they had been forced to come before the nation in a step they themselves described as an extraordinary event and one unprecedented in the history of India. They have asserted that they are speaking because the administration of the Supreme […]

Health: Care or Scare?

Reading Time: 6 minutesEvery profession has black sheep. The health sector is ailing with deep-rooted corruption. Shernaz exposes the rot, as one section of ethical doctors go hammer and tongs on the corrupt ones, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. A headline in Pune Mirror some months back screamed, “MCI a den of corruption, says Symbiosis […]