EgyptAir flight MS804 Vanishes: Crashed into Mediterranean Sea?

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EgyptAir flight MS804 vanished mysteriously flying from Paris to Cairo. It has reportedly crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. It was speculated that explosion caused the crash. Terror attack possible. Family members of the passengers and crew are tense. While the French President felt that the plane appeared to have crashed, were cautious and stuck to the ‘missing plane’.

A passenger plane flying from Paris to Cairo went off the radar at 00:45 GMT Thursday, according to Egypt Air.

Egypt Air said via Twitter that the plane was 10 miles into the Egyptian airspace and at an altitude of 37,000 when radar contact with it was lost.

The plane was on Greek airspace when it lost contact with the ill-fated plane.

There is a 30-minute gap that has raised many questions and speculations.

While rescue operations are underway, the Al Mayadeen TV channel reported that EgyptAir MS 804 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, reportedly citing airline sources. A terror attack is a certain possibility, as per experts.

However, the was cautious. He avoided using the word ‘crash’ or ‘terror attack’. The catastrophe has been mildly described as ‘missing plane’. The Egyptian authorities were , according to media channels.

It is pertinent to note that this airline has had a history of eight hijacks. Greek and Egyptian authorities are searching the ‘missing plane’.

The fate of 56 passengers on board and ten crew members on the ill-fated flight remains unknown.

It is over three hours the scheduled arrival time in Cairo. Relatives and friends of the missing people are tense. The Egyptian authorities have said that free air tickets shall be provided to the family members of the various nationalities.

Experts speculate that the sudden disappearance might have been caused by an explosion that led to the crash of the plane.

Greek military authorities were quoted as saying that the plane had before it could have plunged into the sea. French President also said that the ‘plane appeared to have crashed’. Egyptian authorities continue to be guarded and cautious.

Independent quoted an air travel expert Julian Bray. He said no alert being made could mean the airline suffered a “catastrophic failure” possibly as a result of an explosion.

Meanwhile, among many theories that are flying thick and fast, there have been conflicting reports about whether the plane sent an emergency distress signal.

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