Black Friday: Sinister Designs and Ploys of Shoppers for Big Bargains!

Black Friday, following the Thanksgiving Thursday, is a time of big bargains in the US. People wait for this day. But, the mad rush to literally grab the goods meant that ‘push’ came to a ‘shove’. There were clashes at times to outdo each other. People got up hours before the stores opened, braving the chill. With online […]

Demonetisation: How do the Commoners React to it?

Prof. Bhaskar dwells on two aspects of demonetisation. The sway of the media perhaps creates panic. People act silly, often like chopping off the branch that they are sit on. With the call for Bharat Band by the Opposition parties on Monday (Nov 28), he wonders if Modi is riding the tiger. He also tells us how Maoists […]

Farmers Protest against Demonetisation, call it Anti-people: CPI-ML (ND)

Modi government’s denibetusation has hit the small and medium shopkeepers are sending away their employees as there are no customers, Kiosks are closing down, rickshaw pullers can’t find work, unemployment is rising, and retailers of perishable items like vegetables and fruits have no customers. This is not a surgical strike on black money hoarders, but a carpet bombing on […]

What the Youth feels about Demonetisation?

Demonetisation has affected one and all. Everyone, from 15 to 50, are busy debating the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move to ban old currency notes of 500 and 1000 denominations. New currency notes are being dispensed. But, there is panic and confusion among people. It is a move that has caught everyone from those in rags to the […]

Wish I could get my Hair Cut a day before the New Currency Launch!

The Modi government’s decision on Tuesday, November 9, made public at 8pm, created a panic of sorts. Two currency notes of 500 and 1000 were scrapped from midnight. While some appreciated the move, others were sceptic about its efficacy. Ekta tells us, how as a housewife, this currency change affected her. She opined that those who are old, […]

Made in China: Are we Funding a Brutal Regime by buying Chinese Products?

One of the most important elements used to power the mobile phones – Lithium is found in abundance in a region, which China claims its own – Tibet! Post illegal occupation of Tibet, China has got access to the abundant natural resources that Tibet is known for and has been exploiting it like crazy for its own economic, […]

Economic Liberalisation of India Paved the way for its Growth

In this article, Pradipta talks about India’s liberalisation, its benefits to the country and people. The opening up of the India’s economy brought about a paradigm shift. The reforms did away with the License Raj, reduced tariffs and interest rates and ended many public monopolies, allowing automatic approval of Foreign Direct Investments in many sectors. The author revisits the […]

Three Women and Their Passion to Excel: Women as Engines of Social Change – II

Fired by fierce passion and never-say- die attitude made simple next-door girls, achievers. They are gutsy and spunky. Maya profiles three such women, a dog trainer who broke the glass ceiling and take up a career despite rebukes; a Chemistry teacher who tried her hand in fashion designing without formal training and a spunky doctor making her mark […]

Four Entrepreneurs Inspire to Fly with Broken Wings

Maya profiles four entrepreneurs who broke their comfort zones, had faith in themselves. They had the courage to dream with their eyes wide open. Working against many odds and personal challenges, each one of them drank the proverbial poison before drinking the elixir and creating wonders. The fire in the belly and focus never fails. I always think […]