Book Club

The Driftwood Portrays the Trauma and Graciousness of Braided in Life

Reading Time: 15 minutesThe Driftwood is a sensitive portrayal of the trauma the Joshi family undergoes while carrying on with the mundane task of day-to-day living burying deep the memories of an irreplaceable loss. Running alongside is the life of their neighbours and good friends Dr Arvind and his wife Yashoda who battle the empty nest syndrome only […]

Bring Me a Book

Reading Time: 3 minutesSuveera takes us on a pleasurable journey into the world of books and reading, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Have you ever felt so involved in a book that you feel an inexplicable sadness when you turn the last page?  When you purposely avoid reading the book… just like you distance yourself […]

Elixir, a Voyage of the Mind: Bestseller and a Critically Acclaimed Novel

Reading Time: 11 minutesWhere does our mind go, when we fall asleep? Can dreams weave a layer of parallel existence? Can there be another reality beyond all that we touch, see or feel? It is a normal day for Manisha. She wakes up from sleep and goes to work. On her way back home, she walks into a coffee […]

Bhaswati Bhattacharya: Coffee House became the Nerve Centre of Adda, Politics, Literary and Cultural Discourse

Reading Time: 3 minutesBhaswati’s intensive and meticulous six-year-long research on Indian Coffee Houses in Kolkata, Allahabad, and New Delhi, has fructified in the form of a book, Much Ado Over Coffee. Here’s a report of her book reading, early this week, in Allahabad, by Tooba, exclusively in Different Truths. The Novel Tea Book Club of Sanchaari organised a […]

How Writing Became a Dream Come True!

Reading Time: 6 minutesWriting about writing is rather intriguing. Soumya, a humourist and an author, recounts how he became a writer and penned, rather keyed his first novella, befittingly titled, ‘Memories – A Novella: The Hilarious Nightmare of Growing Up’, exclusively in Different Truths. This is a story about how I acquired this nasty addiction to writing. I […]

Onaatah, Shunned and Shamed, a Victim of Sexual Assault, in Search of Hope!

Reading Time: 7 minutesIs there justice outside courtrooms for a rape victim? The law might take its own course, but what does a woman do when the society shuts its door on her? Onaatah, a young victim of sexual assault, is shattered from inside. Shunned and shamed by the society, including the man she loved, she sees a […]

A Window to her Dreams: Past Baggage and Turbulent Present Threaten Second Marriage

Reading Time: 9 minutesAruna, a young divorcee, marries Bhuvan, an averagely successful young man who had a crush on her in college. Both make promises of ever after with preconceived expectations. But, they are equally shattered to learn that despite their best intentions life does sometimes play the villain.  Aruna’s learned conditioning, developed as a result of the […]

After the Crux

Reading Time: 18 minutesHere’s an excerpt story from the New York-based Joseph Ferguson’s earlier short fiction collection, Southbound. Critically acclaimed, it’s a must read. The story originally appeared in Swift Kick No. 5/6, “Death and Transformation” 1987. The author submitted the opening tale, After the Crux, which focuses on one of the main characters, Basement Man, to appear as […]

A Modest Menu Encourages Dialogue on Poverty, Hunger, Ethics and Inclusion

Reading Time: 10 minutesA Modest Menu looks beyond the measurable aspects of poverty, hunger, global land use and food security, waste and pollution, human trafficking, exclusion, and the myriad other challenges which affect our lives, and will impact our future. A varied selection of essays, poetry and short stories shed light of conditions shared by those most impacted by lack of […]

My Favorite Christmas Tree

Reading Time: 5 minutesHere’s an excerpt story from the New York-based Joseph Ferguson’s latest short fiction collection, Shillelagh Law. It’s a must read. The story originally appeared in Ellipsis: An Anthology of Humorous Short Stories, August 2016. The author submitted this humourous story, to appear as a Book Extract, exclusively for Different Truths. The names in this story are true. Only […]