Author: Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Depression and Reason

A dark poem, by Vatsala, deals with the pertinent problems of depression and suicidal tendencies. A slice of light is the victory of reason, a hope that dispels the dark clouds, in this verse, in Different Truths. In my 20’s, I have played an impulsive game many times, “Whether I slash my wrists or jump off a […]

Connecting to Off-white Light

Vatsala connects with her inner self, the divine core, and seeks strength from the off-white light. A poem of peace and prayer exclusively for Different Truths. I close the mundane blurred eyes, Within seconds, open the inner eyes, all-bright, Now I can see some light off-white It’s neither linear, nor spherical but homogeneous, continuous, undoubtedly eternal. […]

Antonyms in Life

In this poignant verse Vatsala looks at the antonyms, the binaries of life, exclusively for Different Truths. Good, bad Happy, sad Kind, mean Humble, arrogant Cruel, forgiving Selfless, selfish Respect, disrespect Truth, lies Honesty, dishonesty Sincerity, betrayal Frankness, hypocrisy Friendship, foe-hood prevail in Life’s actions speech mind painting hearts sunny blue rainy grey making us wise […]

When Daisy met Dawn

An enchanting short story by Vatsala. The protagonist, Daisy, meets wise Dawn. It’s at a time when she is hopelessly forlorn and forsaken. Dawn shows her the beginning of new life and reveals Golden Philosophy to her. A Different Truths feature. I sat on the soft Trou aux Biches beach watching the motion of the waves. They […]

A Yogi, a Brahmachari

An ascetic herself, Vatsala pays her tribute to a yogi and a Brahmachari (celibate) in this verse. I met a yogi, a Brahmachari, Little did he speak to me, But I felt in many lives, he’d been guiding me. The Yoga aasans – he knew them all, To seekers he taught them all, He said, […]


Vatsala celebrates soulmates with whom one is connected from past lives. There is a sense of déjà vu in this verse. No mundane taboos, No hypocritical restrictions, No fake rules Simply drawn by the circle of light so bright, so pure – the energy of love that has existed for eons, and has been blessed by […]