Author: Urooj Murtaza

The Emerald Ring

Here’s an interesting love story in the backdrop of the partition of India. Urooj captures the tensions of the lovers belonging to different faiths. She also vividly describes the pains and pangs of partition of the lands, peoples and hearts, exlusively for Different Truths. “It was the time when they loved each other best, without […]

The Inward Eye

Here’s a pensive, inward looking poem, wherein, the poet, Urooj, talks with her heart and soul. An evocative prose poem for Different Truths. Write with a heart that’s pure… write with your own blood and soul create your own world and know your mind. Know the songs that the tip of your nib sings in the cold […]

Meena Bazaar: A Small World Where Women Rule

Meena Bazaar is a market in Karachi where the sellers and buyers are all women. It’s a strict ‘no men allowed’ kind of a place. From bangles to jhumkas, khussas and fine embroidered kurtis. You name it and it is available in Meena Bazaar catering to the women from middle class and lower middle class families. Urooj delves […]

Hope for Street Children and Other News in Pakistan this Week

It’s often asked jocularly, ‘Good news or bad news, which do you want first?’ The traditional reply is ‘good news’. This week Urooj scans through the major news in Pakistan and gives us her views braided with news. She begins with a good and positive news about a charity in the memory of Nazia Hassan that spells hope […]

Street Food of Lahore: The Best Meal-Deal in Town!

The dream city of Lahore is known for its enticing food and if it is served under the shadows of historic grandeur the taste is enhanced with the add ons of the momentous ambiance and serenity. Set inside the famous “Taxali Gate” Walled City of Lahore — near the historic ensemble of Badshahi Mosque, Hazuri Bagh and Lahore Fort — […]

Kalash: The Sole Pagan Tribe of Pakistan

The Kalash people have links with Greece. They dance around night­time fires; they make wine and indulge in ancient Olympic sports such as wrestling and shot­put. In her in­depth report, Urooj tells us that they are the indigenous and pagan people of Pakistan. They proudly call themselves the direct descendants of the Alexander the Great. Most scientists and […]

Trending new Chai Dhabas in Pakistan

A good cup of tea can change your mood, can make you happy and boost your energy. After the new trend of elite and upscale chai dhabas in Karachi, it is now easier to enjoy your cup of tea along with hot and crispy parathas on a beautiful evening. Pakistan­ based Urooj talks about the trending, upmarket dhaba […]

Rejuvenating Pakistan with Music

Pakistani music television series, Coke Studio took music to unparalleled heights and ruled all the charts worldwide. The programme focussed on the fusion of the diverse musical influences in Pakistan and included all types of music such as classical, bhangra, qawwali, folk, sufi, hip­-hop, rock, pop music and contemporary. Pakistan­ based scribe, Urooj, tells us […]

Amjad Sabri: The Qawwali and Sufi Maestro Silenced to Death

Amjad Sabri was slayed by unidentified motorcycle borne assailants on Wednesday, June 22 afternoon, at Karachi. The news of his death cast a gloom across the borders. Many Bollywood celebrities broke into tears. His huge fan following in Pakistan mourned his untimely demise. For Urooj it was a personal loss. She tells us about a […]

The Story of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr

Fasting during Ramadan allows Muslims to seek nearness from Allah, ask forgiveness, express gratitude to him and atone for sins, among many others. It is essentially a time of spiritual discipline, deep contemplation and reflection. Muslims believe that the first verses of the Qur’an were given to Prophet Muhammad in Ramadan. Tradition dictates that the […]

Transgender in Pakistan: A Fatwa and Courts Grant Greater Rights and Dignity

Like elsewhere in South Asia, the transgender people in Pakistan, were discriminated against, before 2009. Despite education, Riffie Khan with a double Masters’ degree was unable to get meaningful employment. A recent fatwa (June 26) and before that a Supreme Court ruling in their favour, in 2009, and another decision, in 2012, granted them several […]

My Father, My God!

A soulful tribute to her father by Urooj. She remembers the day he was in CICU and two years later, when he passed away. A Father’s Day special in Different Truths. Aug 24, 2013: 2:47am The ice cold corridor of CICU looks so lifeless. Doctors and nurses move with a robotic expression on their faces… not uttering […]

Sisterhood Beyond Borders-II

Urooj and Ipsita found each other through poetry and discovered a deep bond, an inexplicable affinity and affection resulting in a beautiful bond beyond borders. They came together in sisterhood, melting geographical distances Karachi and Kolkata. A unique experiment in creative jugalbandi. To Ipsita from Urooj She is a human home… Beautiful as the whites of jasmine… Or the […]

The Falling Apple

In this surreal piece – a prose-poem – Urooj takes us into a different wonderland. A dark blue morning was kissing the skies of Kensington… tiny stars disappearing in the mist of moon, making it all look so dreamy! It’s 5:00am and I am all set to drift into the wonderland, where there are lots […]

Dead Soul

Here’s a dark enigmatic poem by Urooj. I stood on the hump-backed bridge With my arms hugging my dead soul… In the clear moonlight, the swirling waters beneath were speckled… In myriad colours; Rose pink and silver… Slate-grey and rusted red Shimmering yellow and tenderest blue A few leaves eddied in the pool While old […]