Author: Dr. Tze-Min Tsai

My Little King, A-Wooo

Reading Time: 11 minutesDr. Tzemin tells us a story of the biggest bull in the village, A-Wooo, fit to lead the herd of the cattle. How it became a king, was lost. Could the police find it? A Different Truths exclusive for the Africa Special Issue. If you have been to the south along this road, you will […]

The Intersection between the World Famous Books and the Picture Books

Reading Time: 12 minutesReading a picture book is the interests and pastimes of many modern people. In the picture book world, the pictures are used as its compositions and colours, to show the characteristics of the protagonist, highlight the plot of the story. The texts are used to emphasise vocabulary and organisation, to throughout the development of the […]

Number One

Reading Time: 6 minutesDr. Tzemin portrays the binaries of life of an ASD child, his coming of age, and his later life, in this short story, for the Special Feature. A Different Truths exclusive.    It all starts with Asperger’s syndrome. I grew up in Yuxiang Township, Pingtung County, a small fishing village, named Beishi. When I was very […]