Author: Dr. Tripti Sharan

Cancer: A Viral Truth

Cancer cervix is leading cancer in Indian women and the second most common worldwide.  A known cause, HPV ( Human Papilloma Virus), a known mode of spread i.e sexually transmitted ( not fully protected by condoms), an effective  HPV vaccine, a very effective and inexpensive screening test called PAP smear and an identifiable high-risk group ( […]

The Flickering Diyas

Tripti retells the Ramayana from Sita’s point of view. Here’s Sita’s agony that was perhaps never told in a patriarchal epic, as the special feature on International Women’s Day, exclusively for Different Truths. The flickering diyas (oil lamps) reminded her of her wandering hopes. She glanced at him. He was looking serene as he watched the lights that […]

Children of the Past

Raising boys with raging hormones is not an easy task. Tripti found that her growing up son hastily closed his laptop and jumped from the bed. He asked a question that she should have been asking instead. The author reminisces her growing up days, in the not-so- distant-past. How she would find out the hidden Hindi novels of […]

A Crowded Loneliness

There are several positive things about large and extended families (read the joint family system). Often, parents-in- law snoop into the private lives of their daughters-in- law. It’s stifling and suffocating. How can a mother-in- law crowd the bedroom of her son and daughter-in- law? Some families are so large that husbands and wives do not have their […]

The Twilight

Sexual behavior of the elderly especially the ‘Human Female’ of the menopausal age group is relatively a new subject to be talked about. The society looks down upon desire and libido in  these women. Even elderly men are castigated for their sexual drives. Menopause is the most misunderstood biological change that happens to a woman; a change that […]

Love’s Labour

There is something so divine about a women laboring to give birth. It is, as if she is working with God to create life. But does she indeed have a choice? A poignant poem by Tripti. Often as I see, A women labouring In agony and pain. I wonder… What is she here to gain? Why […]

The Paradigm

Dating, boozing, premarital sex are the ‘in-thing’ these days. It has confused teenage girls, who have to deal with hormonal rush and peer pressures. A gynecologist, Tripti, recounts the confusion of a ‘good girl’ tossing between tradition and modernity; her parents who are obsessed with the family honour rather than the toxic levels in her body. A 25-year […]

Chicken Soup and Chocolate Pie

A gynaecologist and mother of two boys, Tripti feels that she is more of a referee with these two siblings. She reveals many curiosities of growing children these days. Their questions might not seem to be as innocent as that of her generation. But, times are changing. An in-depth view of a young mother with growing […]

The Celebration

The strange twists and turns of life reveals itself to a gynecologist in ways we can seldom comprehend. Tripti shares a slice of life that strangely shows how important it is for a daughter-in-law to give birth to a male child. And she is just one of the many that adheres to the weird demands of a […]

The Irony in the Land of Kanchkas

A protest poem by Tripti. She tells us about the irony in the land which worships the female form, Goddess Durga, yet doesn’t want to bear girls or treat them with respect! (From her book on poems, The Dewdrops… A journey begins). The ‘kanchkas’ rushed in with festive ardor, Their soul like their clothes Sparkled in […]


A soulful poem by Tripti. Water is the most dynamic element of nature. It teaches us adaptation, without any shape or color it can adjust anywhere, take any colour…yet we cannot take it for granted, for as easily as it gives life, it can take it away in one strong and sure sweep! Water∗… Why did […]

The First Encounter

Tripti, a gynecologist by profession, walks us through the world of a new medico. She shows us the fine line between a doctor-to- be and a young girl scared of ghosts and skeletons. Here’s an interesting short story based on real life experiences exclusively for Different Truths. “Sadho ye murdon ka gaon…” I hummed the Kabir bhajjan […]