Author: Tribhawan Kaul


A poignant story about a girl in the ASD spectrum. It unfolds the struggle of a single mother and Yashika, their trials and tribulations, and finally recognition, as Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths.  It was Sunday. A small get together was planned by Lalita at her house. Relatives and friends were enjoying the grub […]

First Crush

An interesting love story by Tribhawan, exclusively for Different Truths. He was 20 going on 21. Four letter word ‘love’ was taboo so far his conservative family was concerned. Eagle eyed parents were always suspicious of his activities as he was prone to defy their orthodox tenets which were mainly negating the perception of an adolescent’s desires and aspirations. […]

Is Kashmiriat dead? Long live Kashmiriat!

In the backdrop of fundamentalism, gloom, terrorism, there is hope. Arzan Nath and Gul Nisaar, a Kashmiri Pandit and a Muslim, had to suffer. Here’s a story how humanity wins by Tribhawan, exclusively for Different Truths. The sound of gun fire was less fearful than the silence. Their eyes were blood shot. Tears had simply […]

Destiny of a Flower

A poem in the tradition of the Romantics by Tribhawan, in Different Truths. He celebrates the beauty of nature. World of spring blesses me Sadness diminishes with blooms Blushing brides dancing with grooms.   Flowering into flowers, life draws full circle Prayers accepted yet happiness eludes me Plucked now and then, the habit, floors me. […]

The Lament of Nature

A poignant verse about the lament of nature by Tribhawan. Here’s a protest poem, in Different Truths   Mother assimilates cloud’s offerings The womb delivers nature’s bounty Hope rejoices as its rays spring joy Streams reveal and energise in glee. Greenery breathes with effortless aplomb Blossoms muster courage to bloom Shining Vasundhra beams with pride […]

Shirdi and Sai Baba: Now and Then

Commercialisation has edged out the beautiful ambiance of the 1980s and 90s. The simple village, Shirdi, has lost its charm and innocence. Tribhawan tells us about the sad loss, exclusively in Different Truths. My family and I, paid a visit to Shirdi on 18th May 2017 to have darshan of Sai Baba. We all had an […]