Author: Tirthankar Das Purkayastha

The Music of Dionysus in Adaptation by Soyinka of the Bacchae and Mukta-dhara by Tagore

Reading Time: 12 minutesTirthankar’s interesting research paper focusses on Soyinka’s adaptation of The Bacchae of Euripides and seeks to reread this play alongside Mukta-dhara (‘Free Current’) by Tagore. The author of the famous poem on Africa in Bengali, in which the Indian poet resents the colonial oppression of the African people, Tagore did not live to witness the […]

Tagore and Einstein: Two Kindred Spirits

Reading Time: 8 minutesTagore’s meetings with Einstein which took place in 1930 and which elicited reactions, both respectful and not-so-respectful, from the scientific community were significant if only because of the opportunity they offered to two great minds of the modern age to know each other.  The apparent dissonance between the temperament of a poet and that of a […]