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Onaatah, Shunned and Shamed, a Victim of Sexual Assault, in Search of Hope!

Is there justice outside courtrooms for a rape victim? The law might take its own course, but what does a woman do when the society shuts its door on her? Onaatah, a young victim of sexual assault, is shattered from inside. Shunned and shamed by the society, including the man she loved, she sees a […]

The Saffronisation of UP and In Search of Ram Rajya: A Journey Through UP Politics

A journey through the political history of India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh sends 80 MPs to the Lok Sabha, giving it more say in national affairs than any other state. No less than eight of its politicians became prime ministers of our country as if leadership was in the very air they breathed. The state stands […]

A Window to her Dreams: Past Baggage and Turbulent Present Threaten Second Marriage

Aruna, a young divorcee, marries Bhuvan, an averagely successful young man who had a crush on her in college. Both make promises of ever after with preconceived expectations. But, they are equally shattered to learn that despite their best intentions life does sometimes play the villain.  Aruna’s learned conditioning, developed as a result of the […]

Inequality: 57 Billionaires hold 58 per cent of the Total Wealth in India

Economist and social scientist, Dr. Bhaskar asks, do we talk about a humane economy or the human face in the economy? It is not rising or falling inequality – it is there in the structure of the economy – India’s richest one per cent now holds 58 per cent of the country’s total wealth. It is reported that 57 […]

Jihad in my Saffron Garden: A Search for Global Peace among Terrorism and Turmoil

Roshina is a famous writer. Love has eluded her and her passions are her work and her son Zohaib, who she has brought up single-handedly. Despite possessing grit and substance, she has never been able to journey back to Kashmir. But at the behest of her Muslim son she returns to the place she once knew as home. […]

Happy New Year 2017

A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year to the large DT family, our readers, well-wishers, writers, and poets, in 3490 cities, across 161 nations, where DT is read. Due to New Year Holiday, there will be no issue of Different Truths, on Monday, Jan. 1, 2017. Enjoy, Friends ~ Editor.

The Adventures of Puti: A Book for Children between Nine and Ninety by Nilanjana

This is the story of Puti, a six-week- old mouse who lives with his friend and family in Burrow Land. A challenge in school leads him to a forbidden journey, where he finds new friends – two ants names Chuno and Tiktiki. With these new friends, Puti dares to take on a whole new world and meet his challenge […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to the large DT family, our readers, well-wishers, writers, and poets, across 160 nations, where DT is read. Due to Christmas Holiday, there will be no issue of the Different Truths, on Monday, Dec 26. Enjoy, Friends ~ Editor.

Dangle is a Journey, not Destination, of Facing Secrets and Overcoming Fears

Stunning, svelte, smart Ipshita is a globetrotter. She treks across the world to gather bytes for the travel chats she designs and hosts for TV channels. Despite being a self-assured and sophisticated entrepreneur, she is haunted by a nameless fear. Social interaction with men unleashes psychotic turmoil inside her, making her wary of male attentions. Yet, the cold […]

A Thousand Unspoken Words Documents the Journey of an Underdog Writer

A hero, a person who displays great courage for the greater good, can also fall. But what happens to a fallen hero? Paulami DuttaGupta’s A Thousand Unspoken Words is the unique journey of a hero who falls. The champion of the underdogs, the writer who uses the nom de plume Musafir is famous in Kolkata. His incisive criticism of […]