Author: Dr. Tejal Shah

How to Combat Hypertension, the Silent Killer?

Reading Time: 9 minutesAre you a couch potato? Do you get angry easily? Do you love junk food? Are you overweight? Do you have a family history of hypertension? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, you need to watch out. Check if hypertension is silently killing you. Dr Tejal gives us a complete guide how […]

Menopause is Not an End

Reading Time: 8 minutesDr Tejal informs about menopause and the ways to deal with it. She tells us that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. The medical fraternity is debating on the issue of andropause or male menopause. Here’s an in-depth report. Just as women’s bodies change during puberty and they begin to menstruate, so again—usually at midlife—they transition from […]

Menstruation: Misgivings and Myths

Reading Time: 5 minutes  Menstruation is a taboo. It’s loaded with misgivings and myths. Menstrual blood is not impure or polluted. Medical science says otherwise, opines Tejal. She debunks various myths and misinformations about a woman’s period. Here’s an eye opener. The term ‘menstruation’ derives its origin from the 1680s, from Late Latin menstruare, from menstruus ‘monthly’. Old English equivalent […]

How to Fight Obesity and Lifestyle Diseases?

Reading Time: 5 minutesObesity is the bane of the tech savvy and the now generation. It is a silent killer as it invites many diseases. Here’s what the doctor prescribes to remain healthy, fit and happy. Dr. Tejal is one of our Agony Aunts. She will reply queries regarding regarding health problems.   Today, with an astounding number of reports about […]