Author: Tatjana Debeljacki

Unrequited Love/Mistakes

Unrequited Love An intense and evocative love poem by Tatjana. Forget what I’ve said. It’s something nasty again. Sharp word has freefalling. We have been long on these tracks, Huge steps, heavy memories, Through endless weeds. We defied the storms, Searching for oneself. Unsuccessful trying, my love, Do not go to local colours. Forget what […]

Aquarius/Living out of Poem

Aquarius A poem of longing and wish by Tatjana. Dedicated to Dragoljub Djuričić Kilometers gained nothing – you are here. Before I go to sleep thirty times I say your name – you are here. You fall asleep quietly – you are here. Through deserts of sound, reason – you are here, Through unreal reality […]


A philosophical poem by Tatjana. On the solid ground Fatal and dangerous A word or two Between four sides, Mild wind in the north, In the south blows south-eastern wind, and north-western. Then, from each side blows the wind, And the point of adventure. Bring back the weathervane. *** I’ve got your titters, And hardly […]

Pity Destroys Good People

In this poem, Tatjana transcends from the mundane, the everyday affair of people and society into the world of creations, of literature. Maybe everything is possible? What are the wrinkles, slowness and pain towards death for? Many good people were destroyed by pity. And some unrequited loves, and me with all of that truth. Courage, come […]

If I were a Tree/Souvenir Luck

If I were a Tree A poignant love poem by Tatjana, where she identifies herself as a tree. If you were living just across and if I were a tree In that yard, I’d delight you with fruit, I’ll be watered with your glimpse, just look at me in ardour, I’d bear the sweetest fruit […]

Mother / Him

Mother In this poignant and soulful poem for mother, Tatjana speaks of evil that comes and goes and sadness that silences. If your life was dying slowly, In this rhythm mine was living fast. It is the same: I can see the day, I can see the great day, I can see the glorious day, My […]

Bare Face

A bold and stark poem by Tatjana I’ve been sick since the very start, I don’t care up to the very end of the game. They lost it. What about the other man? In the twentieth chapter in the eight line He was betrayed by the bare face. In the twenty-third chapter, It was goodbye. […]