Author: Tarun Gupta

Do Corruption and Democracy go Hand in Hand?

The funding of political parties in India is kept a largely secret affair, thus, the chances of the influence of policy or rules by fund giver is a big probability. Corruption also happens because of poorly framed regulations, rules or policies. Under such circumstances, to get a job done in the government offices, the private […]

Student Loan: This is no Guru Dakshina

Generally, the privately funded colleges have higher brand values, thus, they are able to get higher pay packages for their recruitment programmes. Since a student is able to get a higher salary after graduating from there, the colleges are able to charge a steep fee. The steep fee is not within the capacity of many […]

Debt: Good for Banks, Bad for Individuals or Vice Versa?

Debt is seen as a financial necessity and accounting treatment in today’s world. But the old worldly wisdom of living within one’s means is challenged by debt, persuading Tarun to investigate the emotional and moral basis of debt, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Debt is a big issue in today’s world. Normally, […]

Is the Stock Market Overvalued?

There are various metrics to measure the value of a stock market. The most common or popular is Earning per share, or EPS, for short. That one metric gives a bird’s eye view of the performance of stock markets, as well as individual stocks, informs Tarun, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Writing […]

Bitcoin: Every New Bubble is the Same Old Story

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is generated through a mathematical formula by a computer software at regular time intervals. By 2040, 21 million bitcoins would be generated, explains Tarun, analysing how it works, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. As I was leaving the clinic, my good friend, a specialist doctor asked, […]

How Reliable Are the Indian Banks?

Will the FRDI Bill become a law with enhanced investor protection, as per the assurance of the finance ministry? Tarun examines the debate on the said Bill, in the weekly column, exclusively from Different Truths. A ball, when set in motion, will continue to roll unless stopped by an external force. Similar is the case […]

Out of the Box Ideas to Kick-start the Economy

Tarun offers a few out of the box ideas to kick-start the Indian economy, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.  The economy is going well, right? After all, the government taxes and tax base have both increased by a factor of many times. This surely would mean that people are making good bucks, […]

Trends in Indian Consumption and Retail

As the consumer moves towards more evolved and emotional buying, the need for finance options, both for consumption, as well as high returns on savings would grow more than before. Thus, the finance business will see explosive growth. The highest growth sector in India is mutual fund industry, witnessing a growth of around 40% yearly. […]

How Interests Rate Affect us?

India is going through a slowdown, as 4% real interest rate is making people to go slow on consumption. The government’s need to cut down on fiscal deficit is also making Indian economy a higher taxed economy, thus affecting savings of the common man. Tarun critiques interest rates, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different […]