Author: Suveera Sharma

Life is Short and the World is Wide

Hong Kong in that sense is conveniently located, with its proximity to so many beautiful cities just a couple of hours away.  From Cambodia, Bali to Vietnam and Thailand…all can be accessed on a long extended weekend. Discovery Bay, with its predominantly expat population, becomes very quiet during holidays with almost everyone leaving for a vacation, […]

Bring Me a Book

Suveera takes us on a pleasurable journey into the world of books and reading, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Have you ever felt so involved in a book that you feel an inexplicable sadness when you turn the last page?  When you purposely avoid reading the book… just like you distance yourself […]

Drowning under Waste

Hong Kong faces a huge waste disposal problem. Hidden under many of its beautiful parks, golf courses and sports grounds are millions of tons of garbage. Only three of their 13 landfill sites are still open which will soon overflow given the rate at which they are filling up. The situation is only going to […]

That Old Lady in the Plaza

One in three elderly in Hong Kong aged 65 and over are living in poverty. They spend the remaining of their lives, looking through trash that we throw, trying to salvage something out of it and make money, says Suveera, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. I gaze at her as she moves […]

The Great Sunday Family Meal: Lets Dine together

Eating family meals is associated with healthier dietary habits. Surveys have found that teenagers that eat with families consume less soda and unhealthy foods. Also, their diets fared better in key nutrient content. The benefits are not limited just to children. Having a wholesome healthy family meal is a perfect way for adults to de-stress […]

Prayers and Hope: A Severe Outbreak of Flu in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an overpopulated, crowded place where people are closely packed together for lack of space. Add to that high humidity levels, and it is the perfect breeding ground for viruses. It witnessed one of the worst ever outbreaks of Flu, says, Suveera, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. It feels like […]

The Year of the Dog: Chinese New Year 2018

We celebrated Chinese New Year yesterday (Friday, Feb 16). Legend has it that ‘Nian’, a monster used to terrorise the people of a village. Everyone would leave their houses to go to safer grounds, before the monster’s annual visit. However one night, a wise old man decided to stay and confront it. It’s year of […]

Paint the Town Green!

With more and more people choosing to go vegan or vegetarian, options are increasing gradually. Recently a popular restaurant in Discovery Bay announced their completely revamped, predominantly vegetarian menu kindling mixed reactions from the community. Initially what began as a diet promoted by animal rights activists, has now gone beyond the realm of morality, to […]

In Praise of Boredom

Where is the time for the kids to be bored and tap into their inner creativity? Are the kids able to occupy themselves, even when there is no set schedule for them, asks Suveera, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. I glance at my son’s expectant eyes staring at me. This is the […]

The Bridge across the Oceans

It is a concern for most expats, with increasing number of people finding employment overseas, it’s a continuous endeavor to strike a balance between aging parents back home, and the promise of a new land. A struggle between the three generations feels Suveera. She talks about the balance between various relationships, in the weekly column, […]