Author: Susmita Bhattacharya

Many Friends, One Life!

Friends are like angels, helping, guiding, guarding, encouraging in different ways. They help us tide through our trial and tribulations. Life is like a stream. When we start we have speed, rush, force and less depth. We are in a hurry like a small steep stream gushing from the mountains. Then, we gain momentum when […]

Let me go…

A poignant, sad poem from Susmita about the many characters that she played in her life and her adieu to all. Dark and despondent, a soulful verse here. Lost in this world for more and more, Not knowing what for, Enough never seems to be there, Craving are endless here. Be it material things or people […]

Tossed Away by Life, Held Together With Love!

There are many changes in our lives. We seek stability and permanence. Our security bubbles burst. Change, though unsettling, is unavoidable. Here Susmita, a young mother, deals with sudden changes. A close knit family of four has been tossed away from each other – in three distant cities. She nurtured her home and hearth with love. And love […]

Coping with Separation and Change

Susmita shares with us the pain of separation. How it tears the heart of a mother to send both her sons to boarding schools! In a candid account, she tells us all about the pain of separation and the ways to manage changes in her empty nest, when the brood takes to wings. “How do you know […]

How to Overcome the ‘Double Discontent’ of Style!

Different Truths’ fashion consultant and style consultant, Susmita, gives some handy tips on how to pair your traditional saree-blouse ensemble, with a little imagination and lots of panache. Speaking of writing, Sir David Lodge had said that writers are faced with ‘double discontent’. Either the words are too many or too few. He explains that a writer […]

Fusion Style: Break to Make!

Break established rules. But, remember to do it cautiously. Different Truth’s stylist Susmita takes cue from Krishna. How he broke rules and endeared himself by being the charming naughty boy. Here, she gives invaluable tips on how to dress differently.  Someone once asked why Lord Krishna charms us all. Well, he broke the established norms and rules. The Natkhat (naughty) child in […]