Author: Sushmita Gupta

Just Friends

Reading Time: 1 minuteA poignant and intense poem about yearning and wishes. A poem with strong submerged love, by Sushmita, in Different Truths. That winter night, You should have stayed on, With me through, Instead of leaving me, Half asleep in my bed, Under the warm blanket, But feeling cold. When else, Will I ever wake up, In […]

Gift Box

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s an inward looking, woman-centric poem from Sushmita. An evocative poem for Different Truths. Even though, I am no one, Or nothing, To you, Strangely, I became, Your gift box, That keeps, Giving. You marvel, At my giving, And at my gifts. They keep flowing, Endlessly. You keep seeking, And you keep finding. Because, I am […]

Unravelling Minoan Civilisation through Artifacts, Frescos and Ruins

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe ruins of the Minoan Civilisation and a visit to the museum at Heraklion revealed an eclectic mix of wonder and beauty for Sushmita. In the Bronze Age civilisation, the dead were kept in Pithoi, a large ceramic vessel. The author dwells on the ceremony of death with an inward gaze of her own self. In that matriarchal […]


Reading Time: 1 minuteAn enigmatic poem by Sushmita that transcends from the personal to the universal, exploring layers of love.  Sometimes, When my strained breath is relaxed,  And my rhythm is a swing. When the flowing breeze is cool, And the fragrant gardenias are blooming.  Falling rain is a gentle patter on my face, And my tired eyes are […]

Staying Alive

Reading Time: 1 minuteA lyrical love poem by Sushmita. My falling in love again and again, With the wizardry of words, With the romance of paints, With the fragrance of lilies, And with a slowly swelling moon, That from my window unveils, And with you, Is not stupidity, Not even cupidity, Merely, A matter of staying, Alive. ©Sushmita […]

Breathing Underwater

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn evocative love poem by Sushmita. It was forbidden, To fall in love, With you. I belonged, To another. But that, Sunday afternoon, When, The sun was mild, The sheer curtains, Blew easy, In the breeze, And the usually reserved you, Spoke, Baring your soul, Sitting, Adjacent to me, I fell, For you, Irreparably. That’s […]

Blessing my Dad

Reading Time: 1 minuteSushmita pays her homage to her father on Father’s Day. They say, Some light from the lamp, And, Some sound from, Chanting of scriptures, Is all, And only, What remains, With the soul, After it sheds the body, Before it merges, With the universe. Then comes, Preparation, For the birth next. My dad, Left me, […]