Author: Sunita Singh

Poetry: A Bird with Gossamer Wings!

Reading Time: 1 minuteSunita pens a verse about poetry, which she likens to a bird, in Different Truths. Poetry is my haven, My resting place, My den to escape from the humdrum, the ordinary,   A beautiful bird with gossamer wings Taking me to a sunlit garden of multi-hued blossoms; Where the voices and sounds cannot distract me, […]

Trees: The Givers!

Reading Time: 2 minutesSunita celebrates the tree in a poem replete with rich images, in Different Truths. A row of trees Looks the same And yet so different- These glowing greens- Some the colour of moss, Others light as spring or shining emeralds Swaying in the breeze, They can put the mind to ease, Providing shade and comfort […]