Author: Sunita Paul

Love Never Dies!

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt was sheer coincidence that Sara met Aniket on a crowded railway platform. They had loved each other to bits, passionately, since childhood. Religion, class and other divisions that they were unaware of, tore them apart. Their dream marriage was an illusion. But would this sudden meeting, after 35 years, change anything? Will these childhood […]

Mahalaya: Ya Devi!

Reading Time: 1 minuteSunita remembers the Mahalaya, when the Goddess is invoked to drive away darkness from our lives. A poem for the Durga Puja special feature, in Different Truths. She of the allied forces, He of the foe, She of the lion, He of the buffalo. Symbolise victories, Ethical histories Come together, fight, Of dawn overnight. Mahalaya brings […]

How Seema Combatted the Evil!

Reading Time: 5 minutesAre our children safe? Young girls are more vulnerable to the diabolical plans and evil designs of men in our society. These evil doers have many faces. Sunita tells us about a real life incident that’s fictionalised. In this story, the protagonist, uses her presence of mind to escape. Find out what did Seema do? […]

Lesbian Lovers Together in Life and Death!

Reading Time: 11 minutesTwo college friends, Reena and Minu, were lesbian lovers. They wanted to remain together. Reena was brutalised and married off in a distant state to a doctor. Could marriage separate the two girls, deeply in love? What triggered the crime of passion? Sunita takes a look at the grim reality of same sex love, a taboo in Indian […]

A Lucrative Proposal

Reading Time: 8 minutes  Shauni Mukherjee’s boss Rudra Sanyal offered a lucrative proposal to her. It was a one-way ticket to the slippery ladder in the corporate world. It was an offer that promised windfall. What would young and ambitious Shauni do? What would she gain and what would she lose? Sunita takes us through the strange twists and turns of […]

When I die

Reading Time: 1 minuteIt’s not just a death wish or an elegy for oneself, but the yearning to be loved ever after. Here is a soulful poem by Sunita exclusively for Different Truths. Today as my thoughts begin to fly, The day when I die, Burn me and bring my ashes home, As my soul wanders and roam. Dig […]

Woman of Passion

Reading Time: 1 minuteIn this woman-centric poem Sunita tells us what is it to be a woman of passion, exclusively in Different Truths. I’m a woman and I take a pride in being so, I have slowly made my pride grow, From my childhood to my womanhood. And always up righteously I have stood. Woman, I have been an […]

To You, the Government

Reading Time: 2 minutesA protest poem by Sunita for unity against racism and the terrorist attacks going around the world. Whenever you try to curb my wings, At the point of gun or at your mood swings. I rise up and fight against all odds, With me there is always the guard of my God. It’s the same God […]