Author: Dr. Sunil Gupta

Living Without a Watch

Reading Time: 4 minutesSunil talks about living without his watch. He unravels ‘time’ for a historian. Twenty four moons have waned since I last wore a watch, and I’d feel distinctly inconvenienced if I put one on today. Now, that’s a real turnabout. I know how distraught I was the day my old wristwatch (we had started our […]

Good Scrap and Good Stories

Reading Time: 4 minutesSunil profiles, Nirmal, the storekeeper of the museum where he works. Despite the humdrum of life, his proclivity for the pen is not all the incongruous. Pointing to the rickety old typewriter with its spools and springs agape, Nirmal said to me with quiet pride, “I’ve got all my stories out of this.” Nirmal was alluding to […]