Author: Sukanya Juno Biswas

Not a dull day!

Sukanya tells us about the fall, a season that she loves. In North America, Bengalis celebrate Durga Puja during the fall. She recounts a real life incident that happened a few years back, during the fall. Read what happened when a lady filled a latex glove with lentil (daal, in Bengali), in the weekly column, exclusively for Different […]

Custodial Battle: Accelerant Used to Blast House with Dad and his Two Sons

Lack of sun causes despondency. Morbidity, destruction and death cloud the mind instead of good pleasant thoughts. Sukanya recalls that waiting in a doctor’s office, a write-up in a magazine disturbed her. It was a sad incident. She recalled the smiling faces of a dad and his two sons. What baffled her was what caused him to trigger […]

Saved by the Texas Lone Star Boxer Rescue, Argos Stole My Heart

A three-year- old, fawn coloured, black mask, stocky, a nubby tail pup was found wandering the streets of Austin, Texas, in February 2002. We drove an hour to pick him up. He was named Argos, from the Greek mythology, Ulysses’ dog. He was non-demanding, easy going and very fond of food. He tolerated Royina, admonished her when he […]

There is a House in New Orleans, They Call it the Rising Sun…

Sukanya takes us through a getaway to New Orleans with her children. They drove to their vacation destination, crossing the 18.2 miles long Atchafalaya Bridge, the second largest bridge in the USA. The author gives us a wonderful tour of the city, its sights and sounds, its distinct personality. Bourbon Street was not good for kids late in […]

Eating the American Way: Hot dogs, Burgers, Shakes and Tex-Mex Cuisines

Sukanya takes us through a journey of becoming Americanised. She learnt about hot dogs and shakes from Archie comics. When she came to America, she found a fast food joint at every step. The lure of the junk food was great. Whenever she did not feel like cooking, there were the burgers and shakes. An interesting account in […]

Texas Diary: Many Colours of American Life

Life is a series of accidents, happy and unhappy. Here are some random Texas Diary jottings of Sukanya. Her kaleidoscopic experiences create a tapestry of American life. She shares the tales of a mother with her two children, who in the face of adversaries find beauty and warmth. An exclusive glimpse of American life for Different Truths. Some […]

A Roach, I Approach

A hilarious nonsense verse on roach by Sukanya. With a Raid in hand I approach Towards the scurrying brown roach. As it scuttled past I moved two steps back, fast. I gulped a handful of air Do I kill the roach, do I dare? If I don’t, it will remain alive It will bloom, it […]

Hillary Clinton: When There are no Ceilings, the Sky is the Limit

  Thursday night was the fourth and final day of the DNC. The befitting finale was the hour-long speech by Hillary Clinton. She gracefully accepted the Democratic presidential nomination. She became the first woman to be nominated by a major party for the country’s highest office. Interestingly, the content of her speech was a mix […]

Thronging without Thongs: 100 Naked Women Protest against Trump

Trump is about personal divisiveness. He is a vile being who feeds on fear, who follows the policy of divide and rule, and he is succeeding. Along with sunup 100 completely naked women holding round mirrors stood facing the Republican National Convention (RNC) arena. It was a day before the convention kicked off at Cleveland, Ohio. Here’s Sukanya report […]

Is Melania Trump a Copycat of Michelle Obama or a Liar?

Melania being a copycat of Michelle or just a liar is not a big crime. At the most it affects ones credibility. And with Trump being his ever odious self, these transgressions pale in comparison. Being inspired is one thing but copying is usually loathed. In this political climate being a laughing stock is not to Trump camp’s […]

Baton Rouge Violence Escalates: How Many More Deaths will end the Savagery!

We have developed a fear culture. Here is a community that faces mass incarceration, violence and general mistrust for the police. And, on the other side, we have the men in blue, working long hours amidst criminals, conflicts and fearing their own safety. They react in a way that is indoctrinated in them from years past, with limited […]

Let’s Begin Small on Earth Day

Each of us is responsible to cut down senseless wastage of resources. It’s important that we save water, conserve energy, recycle and avoid the use of plastic. Sukanya, in a candid, personal account, is brutally honest and does not spare herself for faltering in conserving natural resources and saving energy. Here’s a special feature in Different Truths on […]

Machu Picchu: Revisiting the Wonders of the Lost Incan City

Sukanya takes us down the memory lane. She recalls that it was in 1999 that she went to Peru. They hiked four days up the Andes to finally reach the lost city of Machu Pichhu, the Incan citadel, curled up in the Andean mountains, above the Urubamba river valley. Here’s a Different Truths’ special feature on the World […]

Of a cat, a dog and two Children

In this nonsense verse, Sukanya talks of a cat, a dog and two children. In a town in Texas where the cactus grow wild there lived in that house a cat, a dog and two little child The cat was rambunctious, full of spunk the dog never bathed and smelled of junk. The dog was […]

Salad: A Versatile Meal

Salads are wholesome. It provides us the freedom to pick and chose the ingredients according to our moods. It also allows us to balance the tastes, enhance some ingredient or reduce others. Moreover, it’s a versatile meal. Sukanya shares her favourite salad with us. Innovate, experiment and enjoy a salad, the way you want to. There was a […]

Adieu, my Dear Sampson!

“This is about the dog who adopted me,” writes Sukanya. She knows that he happened to her, that he helped her make wonderful memories, that she loved him so very much and always will. Here’s a heart wrenching account of how a dog walks into one’s life and how, after he has left, there remains a void, a […]

One Woman, Two Countries

Traditionally, an immigrant’s heart is in his/her homeland. He/she grapples with the anguish of staying in a distant land. But, for Sukanya, USA is as much her home. In 17 years, she has become a naturalised citizen. Her search for her identity, the essential ‘me’, is indeed interesting. Here we see her ‘voyage within’ – the journey of […]