Author: Sudeshna Mukherjee


Reading Time: 1 minuteSudeshna takes up a current topic of discussion in her verse. The recent demonetisations by the government created a panic among the middle-class people, with limited means of money, for Different Truths. Dear E F Schumacher, How true was your marker “Small is beautiful” Life’s pleasures plentiful We did not apply the principles And stashed without scruples […]

Teller of Tales

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s a poignant verse by Sudeshna about a wondrous storyteller, for Different Truths. Every day she would tell A beautiful picture story Woven with gossamer thread Shimmering in golden glory She would fire their imaginations With impossible tales of valour When recounted the gory details The listeners would lose their pallor Her avid listeners would […]

Her World

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s a fantasy poem, bordering on nonsense verse, for children, by Sudeshna, for Different Truths. She would often find herself Battling gnomes and funny elves She would battle with demons and rogues Riding high on sturdy brown brogues Her horse would often change shapes Growing wings and wearing capes They would often fly into space Plucking […]


Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s an evocative, woman-centric poem by Sudeshna, for Different Truths. How honourable is thy honour? Is it something found in a corner? So let the candle burn in a glow Let the fire simmer to a low Oh! Girl you chose the easy way out Flaunt your beauty to the louts Ill equipped to deal […]


Reading Time: 5 minutesDurga Puja brings joys and gaiety. Children and local artistes participate in plays, dance-dramas and other cultural extravaganzas. Adrija, the protagonist, too was busy rehearsing a dance-drama authored by Tagore. Amod Kaka (uncle) touches and gaze disturbed her. Will she be able to foil the evil designs of Amod? Here’s a story by Sudeshna that’ll make you […]

Anguish of a Mother

Reading Time: 2 minutesEighteen young soldiers were killed in the worst ever terror attack at Uri. India mourns their death. The cry for revenge and demolition of terror camps in Pakistan grows loud. A multi-pronged attack is the cry of the nation. Pakistan is a deviant state, a terror state. Sudeshna pays tribute to one such young martyr, exclusively in […]

The Closet

Reading Time: 1 minuteSudeshna revisits memories jam packed inside a closet in this evocative verse. I found a closet Right at my doorstep Worn and rusty Dented and dusty Gently, I opened it Slowly, bit by bit Jam packed inside Memories reside Ordered and labeled Grainy and graveled Long forgotten episodes Incidents and anecdotes Faded jaded sepia Full […]

The Dark Monologue

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe transformation into evil has been mapped in this enigmatic poem by Sudeshna. Accused of being evil Incarnation of the devil Don’t you know your own soul? I have taken all your toll I was once very light Till you punched holes and blight Sullied my spotless white Tarnished with every vice Little by little […]

The Age of Seasons

Reading Time: 2 minutesSudeshna celebrates nature through the myriad moods of seasons in these verses. Spring Young shoots spruce up dressed                                 In their verdant green Radiant in resplendent colours Daubed and splashed on flowers The crisp in the air heralds The newness […]