Author: Subhajit Sanyal

Why is the Youth Caught in the Web of Intoxication to Become Adults?

The first and most vital problem of the teenagers is the risk of addiction. The overwhelming anxiety and unending thirst to taste new things be it alcohol, cigarette or drugs make them a victim of the intoxicating world, where there is nothing but failure. Often the push comes from peer pressure and tension in the academic, sporting […]

Padmavati: A Hurricane of the Heaven

All changes are unsettling. A teenager, Padmavati, tried to save her pet duck, a snow-white duck, Hari, from being sacrificed at the altar of the Goddess. No one could ever imagine to challenge the oppressive village landlords, the Chatutis and their priests. But Padma did the unimaginable. She committed a blasphemy stealing the sacrificial duck. What happened to her? […]

Durga Puja is the Time for Teenage Crushes and Love

As Puja comes closer, the plans for outing gets chalked out and the list of Thakur dekha (visiting the pavilions to see the idols) with friends and family is finalised every night. Some time is saved by the new couple for their own privacy. Walking down the lanes and the pavilions, hand in hand, to visit the idols, […]

How do Lonesome Teenagers Battle the World of Wolves and Sheep?

Teenage is the twilight of our lives. It’s the turning point that make or mar us. Often teenagers have to leave their home and hearths, their security bubble and comfort zones. They have to leave their nests and go to a distant land, where they have to battle it alone. How should they separate the chaff from the […]

There is more to Life than Trophy Girlfriends and Dashing Dudes

If you want to belong to the hot and happening crowd, it’s necessary to have a trophy girlfriend or a dashing dude as boyfriend. It’s a fad and fashion; the in-thing. It’s the peer pressure among the youth. Social media fans our need (read greed) for attention and acceptance. The young, often brash and exuberant, throw caution to […]

Penchant for Petrichor

Monsoon is a time of love and romance. It has been associated with the fertility worship from ancient times. It awakens the primeval passions in us. Subhajit romances the monsoon in this story, with passion and poems exclusively for Different Truths. Oh! Here she comes! The revolt of new beginning! The hurricane on her lap, Cyclone in […]

Missing Baba

Here’s Subhajit’s homage to his father, his best friend, on Father’s Day as part of special feature in Different Truths. “Every child grows into a holistic person when he is under the loving wings of both the parents. Many a times, one of the wings is just snatched away from that little one, to fend for […]

The Last Reunion

A group of five friends had formed the renowned band, The Pentagonal. They had met in the Darjeeling home of their two friends, now married, after 10 years. All of them missed the brain-child, Saahir. Fun, frolic and songs gave way to something more sinister. A bunch of different truths took strange twists and turns. Here’s […]

He is a Born Artist

Subhajit describes a born artist in this verse. He is a born artist with colors red and green, full of jollity and vibrancy, to paint a new day, fill in colors in a way… a new tomorrow’s artist. He is a born artist                         […]

Do Gossips Matter?

Idle gossip and character assassination are perhaps the easiest things. But, do we ever realise its consequences. Subhajit asks a pertinent question in the short story. “Did you hear about that girl’s murder last night?” “Who?” “That Mohini…” “What?! When?” “Last night!” “How? I didn’t know that!” The whole of Rani Rashmoni Lane had gathered […]