Author: Sreelata Menon

South Sudan: A Country in Perpetual Turmoil

Salva Kiir Mayardit took oath as the first president of the Republic that day in 2011, the new nation not only gratefully savored its first moments of independence from North Sudan but also remembered with sadness the more than two million people who had sacrificed their lives for that very moment. Tears rolled down the […]

The History of the Iteru – The Nile

The Nile which is one of the longest rivers in the world passes through nine countries in Africa before it reaches Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. It covers from start to finish a length of 4000 miles, flowing south to north, of which only 900 miles actually go through Egypt. The origins of this legendary […]

In Pursuit of an Elusive Akhand Bharat

The political dialogue has changed completely from a hitherto common plank that was to some extent regardless of caste, creed or religion to one with religious overtones that favor Hinduism or to be fair the concept of ‘Hindutva’ propagated by the parent body of the Lotus. Underlying it is the belief that India is actually […]

Why Renuka Chowdhary is Not Alone?

A woman cannot get away with even a mere laugh in today’s world. There is no solidarity even among her own gender who are quick to sit in judgment and agree she got her just desserts. Chauvinism still rampant however much we try to pretend it doesn’t can only be rooted out once mindsets change. […]

Karnataka Elections: Nanga Nach

With every speech, remark and tweet, the levels of personal abuse see new vituperative highs. Strangely, leading the pack are the very people who should rightly, at least be seen across the board as setting an example of good governance and exemplary behavior rather than wordy abuse. But then the hallmark of not only the […]

Rajnikanth: The Advent of a New Star-Politician

Convinced of the need to now play a true-life saviour to the masses in real life rather than in reel-life Rajnikanth, who is yet to name his party believes that ‘Democracy is in a state of distress in the state’. So the way forward is to he says ‘Push for spiritual politics without caste or […]

Tipu Sultan: A Hero or a Charlatan?

The deeds and misdeeds of Tipu Sultan are aired, discussed, debated and washed like dirty linen by all and sundry again and again even 300 years later, while a few among the clueless emotion driven ‘Janata’ get violent and are clobbered or lathied to death for no reason at all except of course for protesting […]

Godmen: Happiness Comes with a Price Tag

Gurus whose USP is smart marketing; Swamis whose fortunes would shame a Rockefeller; Godmen with unbridled libido who believe it is their right to rape and murder; Babas in saintly garbs close to political power – the pivot in an unseemly nexus – these quick rise men with feet of clay then are our ‘happiness’ […]