Author: Sreelata Menon

Why is Everyone Hounding Sasikala?

Could it be the idea of an erstwhile petty video shop owner becoming the state’s Chief Minister perhaps too much to take? Smacking of a drama that Kollywood is famous for – with lots of suspected intrigue, behind the scene manoueverings and maybe a sinister act or two to add more ‘mirch’ to the unfolding drama that excites […]

India and Kleptocracy: Are we a Nation of Crooks?

Why is India so corrupt? An old license and rule-bound bureaucracy with cumbersome procedures and processes with the lack of transparency aided and abetted by unscrupulous henchmen, who have been elected are said to have landed us in this mess. From driving license to LPG cylinder cards, everyone takes a cut. No doubt. But if we choose not […]

Is India a Nanny State?

Wasn’t the regime’s eye on the people now a little too intrusive? Weren’t all these directives –some unofficial no doubt – akin to impinging on personal choices and personal freedom? Could anyone in authority force us to think or behave in any particular one way, even if it’s supposedly for our good? Did they have the right? Were […]

Chennai Reacts as Jayalalitha is very Critical

Jayalalitha is very critical. She is on life support system. The Centre is closely monitoring the situation in Tamilnadu, which has been put on high alert. MPs from the southern state have rushed to Chennai. Rumours are flying thick and fast. With a multi-specialty team in attendance evidently everything is being done to keep her […]

Swigging Champagne and Spouting Socialism

We are in an age of double talk and double think. A Socialist advocates a more equitable distribution of everything including wealth. But if that individual were to be born with a silver spoon and considerable inherited wealth and tries to propagate that theory of equitable distribution what do you think that would make him? It would make […]

Who are the Indian Political Junkies and What Angers Them so Easily?

Taking to the streets over state issues, to eat or not to eat something, to be allowed to pray or not to pray; burning public property and disrupting everyday life, the Indian political junkie, who aligns himself with this or that party, thinks nothing of the unimaginable monetary loss caused to the country’s exchequer or to the common […]

A Comedy of Errors

Sreelata shares the trials and tribulations of a short vacation at Jaipur. With her husband and a five-year- old, the bus journey between Delhi and Jaipur began. Read the tongue in cheek, humorous account of what happened in that Jaipur trip, exclusively in Different Truths. The summer holidays had begun. Delhi was beginning to sizzle and burn […]

Gandhi with Gandhi: The Mahatma and Indira Priyadarshini

“Here is a mantra. A short one that I give you, you may imprint it in your hearts and let every breath of yours give expression to it. The mantra is Do or Die. We shall free India or die in the attempt. We shall not live to see the perpetuation of slavery,” thundered Mahatma Gandhi in 1942. […]

The Secret of being Amma

Sandwiched between the Spiritual Mother of Kerala and the anointed Saint of Kolkata is the ‘Amma’ of Tamilnadu, Jayalalithaa, who despite being neither particularly spiritual, nor saintly, could especially in the popularity stakes give every other Amma a good run for her money. It was midnight when the news broke of the Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s hospitalisation. The chest beating […]

Guruvayur: Divine Abode of Sri Krishna Created by the Gods

Guruvayurappan came to Guruvayur from Dwarka carried by Guru Brihispati on the wings of the wind God Vayu. Hence the name ‘Guruvayur’. A ‘Purna Swarup’ manifestation of Vishnu but worshipped as an infant Krishna, it was Sri Krishna himself who ordered the Guru before His death – to salvage the idol that came floating on the waves after […]