Author: Sonali Chakraborty

If it is Holi it has to be Gujiya!

In the US, all celebrations are on the weekend, Holi is being celebrated on Saturday-Sunday (March 18-19). Sonali shares the recipe of baked Gujiyas, the traditional sweet pastry that is served during Holi. Though it is normally deep fried, baking it makes it oil free and healthy, cutting down the calories and oil content. Here’s […]

Vegetable and Cheese Grilled Sandwich: A Wholesome Comfort Food!

Vegetable and Cheese Grilled Sandwiches is easy to prepare yet tasty and delicious to eat. A great lunchbox idea for office or school. Sonali made a white sauce to coat the vegetables so that it makes the sandwich creamy and delicious but it is optional. You may just lightly sauté the vegetables. She shares the recipe of a […]

Jam Thumbprint Cookies: The Perfect and Inexpensive Food of Love!

Should the Valentine week remind us of love? Sonali, our foodie, says that love is something that we must celebrate all year long. Expensive heart shaped gifts and cards are cliché. Here she bakes jam thumbprint cookies to showcase her love – as she did for a friend she met after a long time. Read more about it, […]

Creamy Vegetable Soup: A Perfect Comfort Food during Winter!

Snuggle on a couch, wrapped up in a shawl or tucked beneath a comforter, with a bowl of warm soup. Soups are the ultimate comfort food. A bowl of warm soup and a slice of toast or a sandwich to dunk in, you would be happy soul! It is thick and creamy, loaded with vegetables. Perfect with a […]

Christmas Delight: Jewel Tutti Frutti Cake with Colourful bits of Fruits

The fairy lights, the Christmas tree, Christmas carol and most importantly the smell of the baked goods wafting in the air. Christmas is incomplete without a fruit cake. There are so many recipes of fruit cake but every time Sonali baked this Tutti Frutti cake, it took her back to the childhood days. The colourful […]

A Zingy, Zesty Winter Delight: Murgh Kalimirch Tikka Kabab

Our culinary expert, Sonali, has just the right recipe for the winter, a peppery Murg Kalimirch Tikka Kabab. Other than adding zest to the dish, black pepper is a panacea. It has several health benefits 1 like relief from respiratory disorders, coughs, the common cold, constipation, indigestion, anemia, impotency, muscular strains, dental disease, pyorrhea, diarrhea, and heart disease. It […]

Bake Yummy Apple Crescent Rolls at Home

Mini Apple Crescent rolls are perfect for breakfast on a cold morning with a steaming cup of tea or coffee. These sweet rolls are soft inside with an apple and cinnamon flavor and slightly crusty outside. Make a small slit, slather butter or jam of your choice and enjoy! The recipe is quite simple if you follow the […]

Celebrate Durga Puja with the Delicious Bengali Sweet Roshomalai

Sweets and Bengalis are synonymous. The Bongs are known for the roshogollas all over the world. This recipe takes the Bengali favorite roshogolla to a notch higher. Bengali Roshomalai is made with tiny roshogollas. Milk is reduced to thick kheer and then the roshogollas are dipped and cooked further. The thickened milk or kheer is lightly sweetened and […]