Author: Sonali Chakraborty

Bake Yummy Apple Crescent Rolls at Home

Mini Apple Crescent rolls are perfect for breakfast on a cold morning with a steaming cup of tea or coffee. These sweet rolls are soft inside with an apple and cinnamon flavor and slightly crusty outside. Make a small slit, slather butter or jam of your choice and enjoy! The recipe is quite simple if you follow the […]

Celebrate Durga Puja with the Delicious Bengali Sweet Roshomalai

Sweets and Bengalis are synonymous. The Bongs are known for the roshogollas all over the world. This recipe takes the Bengali favorite roshogolla to a notch higher. Bengali Roshomalai is made with tiny roshogollas. Milk is reduced to thick kheer and then the roshogollas are dipped and cooked further. The thickened milk or kheer is lightly sweetened and […]