Author: Smita Agarwal

The Breakdown

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s an intense and evocative poem by Smita.   And then she was gone And he paced the apartment, A lone wolf, restless, Its tongue hanging out . . . He stood by the window And gazed at nothing, Heard the afternoon silence Broken by an occasional honk, The twitter of birds, The vegetable vendor’s […]

Vintage Love

Reading Time: 1 minuteAn evocative love poem by Smita. We’ve finished with every trick in the bag. If someone watches closely, almost like a halo, Calm, radiates around us. The meaning of excitement has changed. It’s no longer arousal, sea-food, heavy metal . . . We’re happy with dim lights, hand-holding, The live band crooning, “I just called […]

Mofussil Mummies

Reading Time: 2 minutesSmita shows us a slice of life in a laid back mofussil on the World Poetry Day. At seventy five and eighty, Under garden umbrellas They sit on the manicured lawns Of successful mofussil-bureaucrat sons . . . There are liveried peons to serve hot snacks and tea, Maids to assist in case some of […]

Beggary in Bhatiyali

Reading Time: 1 minuteSmita, a trained singer, blends music with poetic sensibility. She celebrates mysticism. ta nana tantanatan tantanatan tantanatan ta nana tan tanatan ta nana tantanatan tantanatan tantanatan ta nana tan tanatan                                                   […]

At Fifty Three

Reading Time: 2 minutesHere’s a powerful poem by Smita, a personal prayer in defiance. Dear God, Idol of stone, Shaped like a phallus. And then, more often than not,                              A priest discovers you embossed On a rock; female, eight-armed, Armed with trident, sword, Mace, […]


Reading Time: 2 minutesIn this evocative poem Smita compares the two worlds of her grandmothers and her’s. A powerful woman-centric poem.  Both my grandmothers Were married off in their teens; Bhuvaneshwari at fourteen, Damyanti at fifteen,                                             […]