Author: Sisir K Chatterjee

Ambika Kalna: A Quaint Temple Town on the Banks of Bhagiraithi River

Ambika Kalna gets its name from an ancient Kali temple. A quaint township on the banks of Bhagarathi River, it is known for its many temples. Sisir uncovers its history. The 108 Shiv temples in two concentric circles of 74 shrines (outer circle) and 34 shrines (inner circle), built around a well in the center is an architectural […]

…And God Played Hide and Seek in Guptipara

Sisir brings alive the magic and mystery of Guptipara. Here God played hide and seek with his devotee, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He unfolds the story of a village situated in the confluence of history, mystery and myths. Here’s an in-depth report. Villages and towns flowing in time, along the river banks, have countless stories woven in their rich […]