Author: Shirin Shabana Khan

Domestic Violence: A Heinous Human Rights Violation in Private Space

The effect of domestic violence is not only physical, psychological or emotional but also impacts upon physical, social, interpersonal and financial domains. The survivors are compelled to live a poor quality of life and they have to financially become dependent on their mayeke (parental home). They also have less societal interaction due to the social shame of anxiety, fear of […]

Reality and Intervention of Witch Hunting: A Crime against Human Dignity

The easiest way to grab a woman’s property in rural hinterland is to brand her a witch. Unbelievable but horrifically true in 21st century India, women in the interiors of states are beaten, paraded naked, disgraced, ostracised and then robbed of their land by anti-social elements and sometimes even by greedy relatives. Witch hunting is a tool to oppress the critical thinking and wider participation of women in decision making process […]

Resilience Based on Hope, Honour and Dignity

Without the awareness of their rights, these marginalised people suffer in silence and brokenness. Torture is an intentional use of intolerable pain to destroy/damage the physical and psychological integrity of the individual and, by extension, the integrity of the family and community. Survivors of Torture and Organised Violence (TOV) are prone to health disorders such as depression, anxiety, […]

Domestic Violence: Shabnam Excelled in Studies, Banished her Sufferings

Shabnam’s marriage doomed her. She was falsely implicated of an infectious disease by her in-laws, beaten by her husband, had to stay without food and medicine when pregnant and was cast away from her in-laws place time and again. A PVCHR initiative changed her life. She is no longer the broken, dejected and despondent mother of two, looking […]

Varanasi Musahars Break the Shackles of Slavery, Emancipate Community

Elimination of the culture of silence, fear and phobia of organised violence and torture are the predominant factors of resilience to inculcate social transformation. It contributes in poverty elimination. The stories of Sarai and Sakara villages are the classical examples of how change happens. Here’s a special report by Shirin. It’s a part of the Different Truths and PVCHR awareness […]