Author: Shernaz Wadia

Once I met Life

A poignant poem by Shernaz. During the passage from birth to date I once encountered Life on the way She beckoned. Urged me to engage in the moment I ignored. Hummed and traipsed to my whiny tune, dreamt and rued, planned and failed, sought and lost. I darted around in the wings; left now, then […]

Blocking the Block

A critic had once said that writers worked in a harlotry medium. Writers faced double discontent – there were either too many words or none at all. When this deepens, writers complaint of the writer’s block. Shernaz takes a hard look at the ‘block’. Here’s her narrative how real is this writer’s block, a Different Truths exclusive. The […]


Shernaz celebrates nature in this evocative poem. we bloom invisible, undesirable among seemingly well-laid out ornamentals; you wage war on us wanting our annihilation we are not an anomaly of Mother Nature there’s place for us too in her Grand Scheme; dandelions to you, we can be flowers for another rejected root, stem, leaf and […]