Author: Shernaz Wadia

Jamshedi Navroz: Celebrated along the Silk Route, it Dates Back to Sixth Century BC

Jamshedi Navroz is recognised as a public holiday in many countries along the Silk Route – Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq (by the Kurdish people), Kazakstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Bayan Olgii region of Mongolia, Kajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. It is estimated that nearly 190 million people celebrate Nowruz around the world. It has been declared as […]

The Attitude of Gratitude is a Mindset!

The one thing we siblings heard way too often during our growing up years was – ‘Be Grateful’. As teenagers particularly, we had (or so we thought) lots to complain about – material discontent, self-dissatisfaction; one or the other of us was always whining, “I wish I could change the direction of my life.” “I […]

Getting up on the Inside

We profile ordinary women with extraordinary strength. They find the reservoir of strength within themselves, like Yashodhara. Every year, the Women’s Day becomes a cosmetic celebration of already known and regularly felicitated achievers. But there are countless women, who go through their lives quietly, bravely willing every muscle and sinew to keep them from being wrecked by adversity or […]

Is Money the Root of all Evil?

The idea that money is the be-all and end-all of life has become ingrained into human consciousness. Being in a consumerist and capitalist modern society we learn to woo material riches, to cherish it as the most indispensable commodity for a happy life, simultaneously associating it with gluttony and distrust. While we keep investing our money to make it […]

A Day of Revelations!

She began by writing emails to those online friends she had not thought of, forget written to, in almost two years. As she hit ‘send’ each time, it seemed like she was dispatching a wee bit of herself and receiving lots of love from the universe. The magic of giving! When our acts of kindness bring such satisfaction […]

Love: What They Say!

Shernaz collects quotes on love from writers, poets, scientists, satirists, comedians, actors, singers, artists with gratitude to internet sources. We see the myriad shades of love, as part of Special Feature on Valentine’s Day, exclusively in Different Truths. Love is a subject of perennial interest to all; an emotion everyone knows. Today, it will be eulogised in writing, […]

To Forgive or Not!

Shernaz talks about forgiveness, what it is and what is does. Here she tells us what forgiveness is not. We are introducing a new column, Shernaz Scribbles, beginning this week. Our columnist will deal with a variety of subjects, regularly, exclusively in Different Truths. Recently a friend asked our WhatsApp group if one should forgive. She is […]

Faith Healing: How Effective is it!

Shernaz tells us about her visit to a faith healer, few decades back. Her mother had been bed-ridden with chronic and severe rheumatoid arthritis. Medication fortified by strong will power saw her pull through each agonising day. Two caring friends had cajoled this scribe. “Come with us just this once. Tell him about your mother’s condition and at […]

Bapu will Always Stand Tall

Borderless Gandhi, established in 2014, by Nilesh and Lele Makwana, is their expression of gratitude and appreciation to their adopted city of Perth. They hope to plant the seeds of harmony and peaceful co-existence within different faiths and communities. This exhibition was their attempt to endorse the values and legacy of the Mahatma through Sogani’s imaginative expression of Gandhiji’s […]

Once I met Life

A poignant poem by Shernaz. During the passage from birth to date I once encountered Life on the way She beckoned. Urged me to engage in the moment I ignored. Hummed and traipsed to my whiny tune, dreamt and rued, planned and failed, sought and lost. I darted around in the wings; left now, then […]

Blocking the Block

A critic had once said that writers worked in a harlotry medium. Writers faced double discontent – there were either too many words or none at all. When this deepens, writers complaint of the writer’s block. Shernaz takes a hard look at the ‘block’. Here’s her narrative how real is this writer’s block, a Different Truths exclusive. The […]


Shernaz celebrates nature in this evocative poem. we bloom invisible, undesirable among seemingly well-laid out ornamentals; you wage war on us wanting our annihilation we are not an anomaly of Mother Nature there’s place for us too in her Grand Scheme; dandelions to you, we can be flowers for another rejected root, stem, leaf and […]