Author: Shalini Samuel

Fastest Chariot / Life Sea

Here are two poems of Shalini in Different Truths. In the first poem, Fastest Chariot, we see the universal self of the poet emerge, a kind and compassionate being, who does not discriminate between high and low. The second poem, Life Sea, a simple love poem transcends into the immensity of the life sea. Fastest Chariot Will you? […]

Devilish Tree / Exaggeration

The poem Devilish Tree is an aspiration towards a discrimination-free world, a casteless society. The second poem, Exaggeration, is about the poet and her world. Here are Shalini’s two poems for Different Truths. Devilish Tree A Pomeranian and a Spaniel lived far away Cute and furry, smart little pets they were Abolishing the breed segregation,  New little […]

Lost Moments / A Caring Heart

Here are two poems by Shalini. In Lost Moments, she points out the futility of debates when we should pause and admire its beauty instead. Her second poem, A Caring Heart, decries the senseless violence that has gripped our times. Lost Moments The moon is on the move Between you and me Between you and […]