Author: Shalini Samuel

Clarion Call

Reading Time: 3 minutesA patriotic poem that covers the entire gamut of history and social realities by Shalini, in Different Truths.  Mother India’s clarion call to her tenants, Divided by caste you were, deaf to cries of oppressed Chaotic, Kings ruled, fighting and looting brothers In came intruders crushing you hard, Sowed them their religious faith, cultures and […]

Earthly Life

Reading Time: 1 minuteLife has been likened with journeys. Here Shalini compares the voyage of life with a train journey, in Different Truths. Who is the engine driver? Have you seen him? I visit the seven compartments where passengers reside Some compartments big, some small every passenger unique they are diverse yet unified Wars come and go Jealousies […]

People Pleaser

Reading Time: 2 minutesThis poem operates at several levels. It’s about a person and India’s future. Shalini asks us to treat him Gently, with loving care. This poem, in Different Truths, transcends the individual realms deftly. Have you seen that lonely Indian man Disguised in colourful coats – the people pleaser Neither his friends knew, who he is. […]

Oldest Pal (Palindrome Poem)

Reading Time: 1 minuteIn this evocative verse, Shalini searches for the oldest pal, the comfort and joy of being with him, in Different Truths. the age old scroll unfolds itself, once again the vintage smell enthrals my soul I feel so possessive when my fingers move on it I try to read word by word, embossed letters smile the […]

Why fret for the Bygone Days

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe hardships, pain and agony of life, the iceberg of death, creates the need to escape from its clutches. Shalini achieves it, in this verse, in Different Truths. Yes I have floated on the iceberg of death Strange creatures I met where do you go, I ask the white clouds to faraway land they say I ask […]

Fastest Chariot / Life Sea

Reading Time: 2 minutesHere are two poems of Shalini in Different Truths. In the first poem, Fastest Chariot, we see the universal self of the poet emerge, a kind and compassionate being, who does not discriminate between high and low. The second poem, Life Sea, a simple love poem transcends into the immensity of the life sea. Fastest Chariot Will you? […]

Devilish Tree / Exaggeration

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe poem Devilish Tree is an aspiration towards a discrimination-free world, a casteless society. The second poem, Exaggeration, is about the poet and her world. Here are Shalini’s two poems for Different Truths. Devilish Tree A Pomeranian and a Spaniel lived far away Cute and furry, smart little pets they were Abolishing the breed segregation,  New little […]

Lost Moments / A Caring Heart

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere are two poems by Shalini. In Lost Moments, she points out the futility of debates when we should pause and admire its beauty instead. Her second poem, A Caring Heart, decries the senseless violence that has gripped our times. Lost Moments The moon is on the move Between you and me Between you and […]