Author: Sarika Sarkar Das

Of Holi Reminisces and Cool Thandai!

Holi is about fun, frolic, and naughtiness. Sarika reminisces about Holi celebrations, in her Pune hostel and shares the recipe of Thandai, without which Holi is incomplete. Here’s the recipe, in the regular column, exclusively for Different Truths. Holi is a unique festival of India. Many of my non-Indian friends love this festival very much. An exuberant yet […]

Celebrate Love with Rice Chocolate Cupcakes!

Sarika tells us how she was born two months too soon to share her birthday with St. Valentine. The author reminisces and romances her birthday celebrations, the simple joys, her growing up in a small city, in Assam, the people who departed as she moved on with her journey of life. How her husband serenades […]

Destination Bali: Fun, Food and Frolic in an Enchanting Island

What an island in the midst of beaches, monkeys, temples, foods and active volcanoes! Sunsets that make you smile without any reason. Warm people, beautiful dances, easy communication and temples that held us in awe. The island, Bali, is filled with incredible things to see and activities to indulge in, for every age group – great place […]

Mughlai Mutton Curry: A Rich, Finger- licking Soul Food!

Sarika says that she was not cooking properly for some time, as she had so many things on my plate. Two weeks back, Memo, her son, asked her to prepare mutton, which he has been craving for some time. She decided to prepare Mughlai Mutton Curry, which is very rich but during winter. One could prepare this dish […]

Mouth-watering Malpua, Indian Pancakes, for Bhogali Bihu and Sankranti

Last Saturday, it was Bhogali Bihu and Sankranti, in the Northeast and Eastern parts of India. This is also known as ‘Paush Parbon’. A harvest festival, it celebrates plenitude and fertility. Notun chal (new rice, from the fresh harvest) is used to make many delicious sweets. Pitha, consisting of Patisapta and Malpua (Indian pancakes), is especially prepared at […]

Yummy and Finger-licking Chocolate Brownies add to the Festivities!

In India, people celebrate Christmas and New Year in different ways. It is an international festival and celebrated globally, almost the same way. But, India is unique in many ways, much like our celebrations. Christians from different parts of India add their classical flovours to the festivity. Enliven your festivities with finger-licking, yummy chocolate brownies, the perfect dessert. Sarika shares […]

Shantiniketan: The Land of Red Earth and the Legacy of Tagore

The lal matir desh (red earth countryside), Shantiniketan, is closely related with Tagore. The mud houses are so nicely decorated. In the digital age, they still make these houses with mud and decorate these, creatively. These represent real Shantiniketan – ranga matir manush (people of the red soil). Visva Bharthi was Tagore’s dreamland. It was the place where Maharshi Debendranath […]

Corn Chips: A Healthy and Delicious Mexican Snack

Now a days, evening snack is almost extinct. School timings are longer, kids are busy with multiple clubs. Most of the time they eat sandwiches, fruits or some dry snacks. Evening snacks with family. is now history. Snacking is fun. Sarika, our culinary expert, says that she keeps it alive on Fridays. She shares the healthy and delicious recipe, in […]

Yummy, Delicious Paneer Makhani!

Our culinary expert, Sarika tells us how to prepare yummy, delicious and healthy Paneer Makhani for your loved ones. Here’s the recipe, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. The days are long but the years are short. That’s the gist of parenting! When I was kid and my neighbour’s, relatives would say, “Wow! You are […]

How I met my Hubby, Mr. Wet Lips!

Its twelve years that Sarika has been married. Their 12th wedding anniversary in on November 28, this year. She tells us how she met her hubby, who was teased as her ‘Wet Lips’ by her university friends, because of the caller tune assigned to his number, when she was in Pune University hostel. She tells us that despite […]

Diwali Sweets: Kaju Flowers, a Variation of Kaju Katli

Festivals and sweets are inseparable in India. With Sarika make Diwali sweets at home. She tells us about Kaju Flowers, a variation of Kaju Katli. It’s not only economical but far more unadulterated when you prepare sweets at home. Plus, it speaks of your love and care for family and friends. Here’s the recipe, as part of special […]

Homemade Narkel Nadu and Nimki Enliven Bijoya Dashami and Lokhi Puja in Bengali Homes

Bijoya Dashami  and Lokhi Puja are times when family and friends meet each other. Sweets are offered. While some sweets are bought, Sandesh, Narkel Nadu (Coconut Laddoo) and Nimki (Namkeen or Matri) are traditionally homemade goodies. Sarika shares two traditional Dashami and Kojagori Lokhi Puja recipes, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. My most favourite month of […]

Rasgulla: The Iconic Bengali Sweet

Fish-rice, sweets and Durga Puja define Bengalis. No matter in which part of the world they are, they cannot do without these. Rasgulla has been the iconic Bengali sweet. Puja and Rasgulla go hand in hand. With the Puja round the corner, Sarika talks about the joys of Bengalis and Rasgulla. How amazing that something so simple could […]

Spanish Omelette: A Wholesome, Yummy Breakfast

Sarika recalls a trip to Spain. Hotel breakfasts in Spain offered cereals, fruits, cooked breakfast, cheeses, hams, different flavoured yogurts, coffee, juices and two very popular breakfast food we enjoyed were Spanish bread pudding topped with sugar and cinnamon or honey and Spanish Omelette. After returning home she made Spanish Omelette, a couple of times, and every time her […]

Lip-smacking Dhaba Style Mutton Keema Curry

Continuing with our delicious street food, Sarika tells us about the Dhabas (roadside) eateries. Initially, these were cheap food joints for the truckers. Now, there are many swanky dhabas too that cater to the upmarket long distance travellers, bikers and young couples that enjoy long drives. Here is one of the popular delicacies, mutton keema curry, exclusively for Different […]

Lip-smacking Baked Pineapple Chicken, a Healthy Diet

Connoisseurs of food experiment a lot and try new recipes too. Their spunk to try new dishes make them confident. Sarika shares a new recipe Baked pineapple chicken. She tells us that  it’s an easy dish. An exclusive for Different Truths. Never stop exploring your world, I strongly believe in this statement. But, as an adult experience […]

Grim Flood Situation in Assam, over 90,000 People Affected

The 70th Independence Day celebrations is round the corner. It is sad that though the nation has progressed on many fronts, development has not reached the far flung Northeast states of India. Sarika takes a hard look at the grim flood situation in Assam that has affected 90,000 people. More than 257 villages across Lakhimpur, […]

Nutritious and Delicious Vankaya Pachadi from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Aubergine (brinjal or eggplant) is one of the vegetables that is enjoyed world over, in Asia, the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa and the US. Aubergines are cooked in many ways in different parts of India and the world. Sarika shares delicious and nutritious Vankaya Pachadi or aubergine dip that’s popular in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, in South […]

A Night out in Hyderabad during Ramadan

The razzamatazz and the hustle bustle of the market place, Charminar and adjoining areas, in the old city of Hyderabad, is indeed wondrous! Sarika, who was in the UK for few years, and has made Hyderabad her home presently, was amazed by the sight and sound. Trigger happy, she captures the celebratory mood of the city. […]

How Green is my Platter!

Mother’s recipe is the ultimate comfort food. Sarika shares an ethnic Bengali dish, the secret of making Kachu saag – just the way her mother does. It is time consuming but the effort is worth it, says the author. I am a huge fan of leafy greens aka saag, since my childhood. To be precise I became […]

Healthy Diet is the key to Better Lifestyle

Sarika shows how healthy diet is delicious, not boring and bland, as is the general misconception. It’s fun food. She tells us that healthy diet, regular exercise and drinking plenty of water is the secret to a better lifestyle. A healthy family is a happy family. Here’s Different Truths’ Special Feature on the UN International Day of […]

Beauteous Barcelona

Sarika takes us through Barcelona. Trigger happy she captures its beauty in photographs. ‘Travelling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.’ ~ Ibn Battuta I am not a storyteller. I just want to share my experience of Barcelona through my lens. Another new land, Hola… We visited Barcelona recently. I was […]

Rongali Bihu: Assamese New Year filled with the Colours of Joy

Rongali or Bohag Bihu is the Assamese New Year that is celebrated around April 15. It’s a seven-day festivity filled with dances, folk songs, merriment, games, singing, and lots of fun. Sarika reports on the sensuous and seductive Bihu dances that signify fertility and bounty. Bihu and Assamese society are closely interrelated. Perhaps it is Bihu that […]

Celebrate Bengali New Year with Kosha Mangsho

Sarika gives us a glimpse of the Poila Boishak (Bengali New Year) celebrations in India and Bangladesh. She shares with Different Truths readers a popular mutton recipe. Cook and enjoy the festivities. Bengalis all over the world celebrate the New Year with joy and gaiety. Nababorsho (New Year) or Poila Baishak (first day of the first Bengali month) […]

Enjoy Gudi Padwa with Delicious Amrakhand

Sarika reminisces about her stay in Maharashtra 13 years ago. She takes a trip down the memory lane and offers us the traditional festive recipe, Amrakhand. You may try this lip-smacking delicacy from West India in your homes and enjoy the festivities of Gudi Padwa. Gudi Padwa is round the corner. It marks the beginning of […]

Breathtaking Switzerland: A Perfect Getaway

The seductive beauty of Switzerland, with snow­clad Alpine mountains, lush green valleys and blue lake is indeed a heaven on earth. Sarika takes us through pristine beauty. Here’s a photo feature from her. We love travelling and love to explore new places, food, culture and adventures. Last summer, August 2015, we visited a comparatively small landlocked country, in […]

How to Support Visually Impaired Children in Schools

Visual impairment is fairly common in autistic children. Others too might have visual impairment. Sarika, a UK-based special needs teacher, gives us useful tips to help such children in schools. “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched that must be felt with the heart” ~ Helen Keller Visual impairment is a permanent […]

My Friend River Longai

A river is a friend. She nurtures and punishes. Here is a lesser known river, Longai, flowing in the northeastern part India and Bangladesh. Sarika talks of her deep connection with this river. Longai, the lost one, I saw her from a distant                           […]

How to Cope with Physical Impairment and Cerebral Palsy in Special Needs Children?

Sarika looks in the challenges of Differently Abled or Special Needs children. She tells us how to identify such a child and details what schools must do. Here’s a detailed guideline. “Children with disabilities are like butterflies with a broken wing. They are as beautiful as all the rest but, need a little help spreading their wings!” […]

Phirni: A Delicious and Nutritional Dessert

Sarika presents a traditional Indian dessert for Different Truths. It is wholesome, delicious and packed with nutritional value. We usually celebrate every success, small or big, our children has. Such celebrations boost their confidence. We motivate our son to work hard. There is no alternative to diligence. We parents want our kids to shine, to succeed and be […]